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4-H Ambassador Opportunity in Post Rock District

Beginning this 2023-2024 year, a Post Rock District 4-H member can strive to achieve 4-H Ambassador recognition. Direct questions to Nora Rhoades, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent, at nrhoades@ksu.edu.

Post Rock District 4-H Ambassador Application_printable pdf

Completed applications are due to your local Post Rock District Office by close of business on October 1, 2024.

4-H Ambassadors are 4-H members recognized for exceptional efforts to promote the Post Rock District 4-H program throughout their community, county, and beyond. 4-H Ambassadors increase visibility and enhance the image of Kansas 4-H in the Post Rock District. Success as a 4-H Ambassador requires a sincere desire to positively represent Kansas 4-H and K-State Research and Extension, willingness to interact with the general public, confidence to speak in front of groups, and a commitment of your time and energy. Through this experience, 4-H members have opportunities to learn, practice and improve leadership, civic engagement, communication, marketing, employability, and job skills.

Any enrolled 4-H member in Post Rock District can strive to achieve 4-H Ambassador recognition. Youth should be mature, responsible, and able to demonstrate the initiative needed to complete the requirements. Caring adults are able to coach and encourage members, yet the member should strive to complete the tasks with minimal adult guidance in order to challenge themselves to reach their goals and enhance personal development.

Interested members are to work to achieve the requirements outlined on this application throughout the 4-H year. As a requirement is met, mark completed and fill out the description section. Efforts are to demonstrate an individual’s commitment to be a 4-H Ambassador. While some efforts may require a group or team to achieve, the review committee will consider each member’s role in completing each requirement.

Requirements must be met during the designated 4-H year, October 1 – September 30. The deadline to apply to be recognized as a 4-H Ambassador is October 1, immediately following the completion of the program year applying for. Must apply to be eligible. Submit to your local Post Rock District Office.

Youth successfully completing the requirements as approved by a district review committee will be recognized as a Post Rock District 4-H Ambassador at achievement celebrations. Members will receive a 4-H Ambassador pin and token of appreciation for their efforts. Members can earn this recognition more than once.