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Post Rock District

Beloit Office
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Lincoln Office
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Mankato Office
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Osborne Office
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Animal Ownership and Verification Deadline is May 1

Animals (all species) must be properly owned and identified by May 1 of the current year. Identification for some species requires a specific 4-H tag while others require an identification form, all to be documented with the local Post Rock District office. The purpose of this deadline is so youth take responsibility for their involvement with animals to maximize learning potential throughout the season. If an animal is not properly owned and identified by the deadline, it is not allowed to exhibit in the 4-H division of the county fair.

For county fair participation in the Post Rock District, animals can be owned and identified by immediate family so long as all members share the ownership responsibilities. This is allowed for non-registered and registered animals. If verifying by May 1 as an immediate family, then you must declare which animal will be shown by each specific member before your county fair's entry deadline. Ownership and identification verification is for county-level participation and does not constitute a fair entry. A member must meet fair entry expectations and deadlines for each project area as outlined in the fair book. Participation at state and other levels must meet those specific requirements and deadlines.

In some cases the member will retain ownership of an animal across multiple 4-H program years. If the 4-H member meets the ownership definition for the entire time the animal is considered part of a 4-H project, a new tag or ID sheet is not needed. The member must verify with the office the animal is still part of the 4-H project and review verification paperwork for accuracy by May 1.

4-H TAG:

Market Beef, Breeding Beef, Bucket Calf, Market Sheep, Breeding Sheep, Market Swine, Breeding Swine, Market Goat, Breeding Goat, Dairy Cattle, Dairy Goat, and other species where tagging is determined safe and appropriate. Any animal exhibit with two or more animals (i.e. cow/calf pair) will require an official 4-H tag in both animals (cow AND calf). For exhibits like a cow/calf pair, the cow must be verified by May 1. The calf must be verified in accordance with the local county fair rules. If you are not able to attend the verification event in your county, you must contact your local Post Rock District office and schedule a time to pick up a tag/paperwork during business hours. You must submit a picture of the tagged animal within 7 days of tag pick up, not later than May 1. The photo must clearly identify the animal (full body and all markings), and it must clearly identify the tag number.


Post Rock District Animal Identification Form

The Post Rock District Animal ID Form is required to be submitted by May 1 for the following species: Poultry (chickens, waterfowl, etc.), Rabbit, Dog, Pet (cat, guinea pig, hand pet, companion animal, etc.), Other Large Animal (llama, etc.), and other animals that do not have other ID sheet or tagging requirements.


Kansas 4-H Horse project webpage

A 4-H member must annually submit and/or re-submit the official Kansas 4-H Horse ID Certificate to be eligible to show a horse at the county level or beyond. Be sure to schedule an appointment to re-submit, and don't forget to bring in the original! The deadline for complete submission is May 1. You can find the ID Certificate on the
Kansas 4-H Horse project webpage, along with an example form to help you.