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Post Rock District

4-H Youth Development Staff

KimKim Naber
4-H Coordinator
Osborne County
(785) 346-2521
Risa Overmiller
4-H Coordinator
Smith County
(785) 282-6823
Tonia Underwood
4-H Coordinator
Jewell County
(785) 378-3174
NoraNora Rhoades
District Director
Youth Development Agent
(785) 378-3174

4-H Feedback Survey

Post Rock District 4-H members, families, club leaders, project leaders, and volunteers are welcome to complete the 4-H Feedback Survey available at bit.ly/PRD4-HFeedback

4-H COVID-19 Update


Club and project leaders are working with the Post Rock District Team to complete the risk management planning steps to implement a 4-H related meeting, program, event, or activity that includes an in-person component. If you have questions, contact your local extension office.

4-H Leader Update_April 5, 2021

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