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4-H COVID-19 Update

Local KSRE units are to follow the prevailing local authority’s COVID-19 protocols for local KSRE activities and events. In Post Rock District, this includes 4-H at the local county and district level. Please follow the local COVID‐19 protocols of the county or city where the event is taking place. When authority overlaps (for example, the county protocols conflict with those of the city), follow the more restrictive of the two sets of protocols. We strongly encourage program planners to consult the local health department and Post Rock District Team to ensure appropriate health, safety, and inclusive programs are implemented. If you have questions, contact your local extension office.

Any participant, volunteer, spectator, etc. must individually be allowed to follow more restrictive measures than local protocols for themselves. It is important for Post Rock District to continue to support the health and safety of participants. Recommendations include, but are not limited to: 

  • Meet in a space large enough to allow for physical distancing. 
  • Adequate hand washing/sanitizing options are available.  
  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces before, during, and after appropriately. 
  • When it is feasible to do so, incorporate virtual, hybrid, or distance learning options. If there is a request to participate in an alternative way due to health and safety concerns, provide reasonable accommodations. 
  • Engage alternative participants in activities and discussions as feasible. 
  • Even if masks are not a part of local protocols, individuals who want to wear them are free to do so. 
  • Communicate expectations in advance, asking those not able or willing to comply to utilize an alternative option. 

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