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Youth Enrichment Offerings

Supplemental Youth Activities for Educators and Community Leaders

We are focused on engaging youth through experiential learning. Our youth enrichment offerings provide youth with an opportunity to explore, discover and master through hands-on activities and interactive discussions with peers and caring adults.

Youth Enrichment Offerings Letter
Youth Enrichment Offerings
Youth Enrichment Offerings Brochure
Youth Enrichment Offerings Brochure
The Way I Feel  Early Childhood/Preschool/Lower Elementary, Nora Rhoades

The positive development of social and emotional skills greatly benefits learning, decision-making, creativity, relationships, and health. Through an age appropriate book and interactive activities, students will focus on increasing knowledge and skills related to recognizing emotions in self and others, labeling emotions accurately, expressing emotions safely, regulating emotions effectively, and developing positive friendships. The Way I Feel is a one-time learning experience lasting 45 minutes. Nora Rhoades nrhoades@ksu.edu


Gardening in a Glove  Kindergarten - 2nd Grade, Cassie Homan

Students investigate and observe how a seed sprouts and the conditions necessary for germination by engaging in the planting process. Children will learn about the environment needed for a seed to germinate. The lesson includes a hands-on activity where seeds are planted in a cotton ball in each finger of a glove. Once germination has occurred they can plant the seedlings into the garden or indoor container, (based on season.) Students will learn that seeds are vital in our lives, without them the plants that produce our food would not exist. This lesson should take 45-50 minutes. Cassie Homan choman@ksu.edu


Making Healthy Choices  Kindergarten - 3rd Grade, Jamie Rathbun

Join us as we empower students to be healthy and smart from the inside out! This curriculum not only covers the importance of healthy living but also motivates youth to practice healthy habits daily. Topics include: the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption, benefits of physical activity, food safety & handwashing, limiting screen time, and the importance of breakfast. Making Healthy Choices can be a one-time program or up to a three-session series. Each session is 45-60 minutes. Jamie Rathbun jrathbun@ksu.edu


Money Smarts  3rd - 5th Grade, Brenda Langdon

Money Smarts helps students understand why it is important to save money and identify what to do with the money they receive or earn. It introduces savings options participants can use toward their goals. Students will learn the difference between “needs” and “wants”, an overview of saving, what is a spending plan, what it means to “pay yourself first”, what banks do, and the importance of keeping your money safe. Brenda Langdon bklangdon@ksu.edu


The Crops of North Central Kansas  Preschool - 6th Grade, Sandra Wick

Students are introduced to the crops grown in North Central Kansas and how they are used. The program will also provide visual demonstrations of the actual grain and plants (if in season) so the students can easily identify the different crops. In addition, the program will show different food products along with how grains are used. An art project or activity game will also be included with the presentation depending on the age level. Sandra Wick swick@ksu.edu


Good Feeds Program  Elementary, Blaire Todd

Both wild and domestic animals have nutrition requirements for their growth and development. Students will learn about the six essential nutrients and what a typical farm animal eats. The class will prepare a trail mix that simulates a balanced cattle ration. In doing so, students determine the similarities and differences between cattle rations and human diets. Blaire Todd blairet@ksu.edu


Adventure Lab  Elementary/Junior High, Nora Rhoades

Hands-on Adventure Lab makes science engaging and meaningful in the lives of young people. It is a good fit for afterschool clubs, library outreach, youth serving organizations like 4-H or Scouts, and more! These engaging experiences are generally one- to two- hours in length, and can be adapted to meet your needs as a onetime program or a series of multiple sessions. Nora Rhoades nrhoades@ksu.edu


Pollinator Power  4th - 5th Grade, Cassie Homan

Pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds are needed to ensure that many plants can produce fruits and seeds to survive. Students will learn about the different parts of a flower, and the interactions and importance of pollinators. Once students have a basic concept of the parts of a flower, they will take part in a hands-on activity working with flowers. Each student will dissect a flower and identify each specific part then describe how it relates to pollination. This can be a one-time program or a series with the next lesson focused on bees and how pollination occurs. Cassie Homan choman@ksu.edu


Saving Money  K - 2nd Grade, Brenda Langdon

Students will learn about coin counting and saving money. Through the age appropriate book “A Chair for My Mother” and interactive activities, student will learn how money makes it easier to trade, borrow, save, invest, and compare the value of goods and services. Students will skip-count by fives, tens, and twenty-fives up to one hundred, count money, and learn about saving money to put aside for later use.
Brenda Langdon bklangdon@ksu.edu


Insect Olympics  2nd - 5th Grade, Cassie Homan

In this lesson we will all become entomologists for a day while learning about the life of insects! Insects are the most successful group of animals in the world. This is because different species are adapted to many different habitats. In this activity students will learn the basic parts of a bug’s body. They will also use common household objects to learn the mouth type and feeding habits of insects. The students will be able to interact with real insects to study their wide diversity and characteristics. Cassie Homan choman@ksu.edu


Too Good Upper Elementary/Junior High, Nora Rhoades

Too Good is an interactive learning experience focused on building life skills to support goal-setting, decisionmaking, emotion management, and effective communication skills in addition to peer pressure
refusal, pro-social bonding, and conflict resolution skills. Too Good is a series based program, with each lesson lasting 45 minutes. It is recommended to have a three through six-lesson series, yet the experience can be adapted to meet your needs. Nora Rhoades nrhoades@ksu.edu


What's Your Beverage Middle School, Jamie Rathbun

During this session, students and teachers will identify functions of water in the body and its health benefits. Participants will understand and identify added sugars and will identify alternative beverages to sugarsweetened drinks. Students will learn how to identify and measure sugar found in sweetened beverages through a hands-on activity and will create one goal or action related to making smarter beverage choices. Jamie Rathbun jrathbun@ksu.edu


Level Up! Junior High/High School, Nora Rhoades

This experience is filled with fun and critical thinking activities sure to boost your confidence as a leader in your community. You have what it takes to make a positive difference, and this is a great opportunity to enhance your leadership potential to understand your strengths, reach goals, and work as a dynamic team member. Level Up! can be as one-time session lasting 60 minutes or offered as a three-lesson series. The personal development objectives of each program will be adapted to meet the audience’s needs. Nora Rhoades nrhoades@ksu.edu


The Remarkable Ruminant 5th-8th Grade, Blaire Todd

Cattle are truly remarkable! They play a role in maintaining our ecosystem, utilize land that would be otherwise unproductive for humans, provide us with many byproducts that can help our daily lives, and give humans a great source of protein and nutrients. In this session, students will learn about raising cattle, understand the role cattle contribute to the health of our land, and hear about the products we get from cattle. Blaire Todd blairet@ksu.edu


Relationship Smarts High School, Nora Rhoades

Relationship Smarts is focused on helping teens develop the knowledge and motivation for making wise relationship choices. It is an activity-based experience focused on self-awareness and understanding the building blocks for healthy relationships. Relationship Smarts is a one-time program lasting 45 minutes. A three-lesson series is also available. Nora Rhoades nrhoades@ksu.edu