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Project Record Recognition

Project records provide an opportunity to develop record keeping skills through the summarization of a given year’s 4-H work within a certain project.

Guide to Kansas 4-H Project Recognition

Learn about the project recognition process for Kansas 4-H. Review the guide to understand contest expectations and the components of the record report forms.

Post Rock District aligns project record recognition opportunities with the forms and expectations set forth by Kansas 4-H. There are no county-level project record forms used as part of the project record recognition process.

Project Records Due October 2

The deadline to submit Project Record Reports summarizing the 2022-2023 4-H program year is October 2, 2023 (because October 1 is not a business day). By the end of the business day on October 2, youth need to have all required materials submitted to the local Post Rock District Office.

Printable Project Record Forms

Access the forms and details for Project Record Books and 4-H Permanent Records at the Kansas 4-H website > Resources > Awards & Recognition > Local Record Keeping & Project Report Forms.

All youth are required to use the official Kansas 4-H project record forms. Alternative forms will be for participation only and are not be eligible for awards.

ZBooks Online Project Record Platform

Access information about the Kansas 4-H ZBooks online record keeping option and how to manage your account at the Kansas 4-H website > Resources > Awards & Recognition > Record Keeping with ZBooks.

Both the printable project record form and ZBook online options will be evaluated in the same manner, with no advantage being given to either method. Information included in either method will be the same.

Project Recognition Check Sheet

Review the check sheet closely before submitting your project record. The check sheet outlines the documents required to complete your project record submission to county-level judging.

Age Categories

The Kansas 4-H project record forms are age specific based on 4-H age for the current year. Pay close attention and use the correct forms.

    • Junior: Ages 7-9
    • Intermediate: Ages 10-13
    • Senior: Ages 14-18
General vs. Animal Report Forms

There are two forms, unique to different 4-H projects. If you are not sure what form your 4-H project area should use, please contact a Post Rock District Extension Office before getting started.

Project Record Report Form Evaluation Rubric

During judging, written feedback is provided on the evaluation rubric to assist youth with enhancing their record keeping skills sets. Recognition can be earned at the county-level with advancement opportunities. After local competition, there are project record competitions at the regional and state levels for Kansas 4-H. Post Rock District participates in the Northwest 4-H region for record book screening.

Award Recognition

A county project champion will be selected and awarded a certificate in each age category, for each project area of which awards are submitted. All successfully completed and submitted project records will earn a project pin if the judge determines the record meets satisfactory requirements with the state’s evaluation rubric. If the judging committee determines the quality of the submitted records do not warrant an award, none will be given. 4-H Councils can determine additional awards and recognition areas; however, county-level project recognition opportunities cannot restrict an eligible individual from engaging in the county – regional – state project recognition continuum as outlined by Kansas 4-H. County-level recognition winners are announced at the respective county’s annual achievement ceremony/celebration.

Video Tutorials

Kansas 4-H has some helpful video tutorials to assist you with understanding and navigating the current project record report forms and processes.

More Record Keeping Resources

Check out the Post Rock District 4-H webpage dedicated with resources related to helping you build life skills related to record keeping.

We’re Here to Help!

Post Rock District Staff are happy to help you learn record keeping skills and navigate the project records judging experience in 4-H. Reach out to your local Post Rock District Office, and we’ll be glad to set up an appointment to help you learn and grow!