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4-H Records and Reporting

Record keeping and reporting are valuable life skills taught to members of the Kansas 4-H program. The purpose and objectives of 4-H records and reports:

  • To learn how to set goals, how to make plans for action, and how to decide how well you did (evaluation).
  • To learn the skills of record keeping and organization to use now and in the future. Examples: finances, taxes, health, immunizations, careers, scheduling, etc.
  • To learn to communicate, prioritize, and summarize your project mastery and experiences.
  • To practice responsibility by completing a task.
  • To evaluate information that will market personal skills through future resumes and application forms.
  • To allow 4-H members to tell how they have grown, what they have learned, where they came up short and to do it within outlined parameters.
  • To provide an opportunity for competition at the County, Regional and State level.

Record Keeping 101 Series

Record Keeping 101Record keeping is an important life skill. Kim Naber, 4-H Program Coordinator, is offering a Record Keeping 101 series to help you learn record keeping skills as well as information on completing the new Kansas 4-H records. Meetings will be February 10, 17 and 24 at 7:00pm on Zoom. Email Kim, kimn@ksu.edu, to register.

If you are unable to attend the live sessions, recordings will be posted on this webpage at the conclusion of the series.

Record Book Lessons at Club Meetings

Our team is excited to offer short record book lessons as part of your 4-H club meeting! A ten to fifteen-minute segment on record keeping and record book tips can be catered to meet your member needs. The lessons are for virtual or in-person meetings. Any Post Rock District 4-H Club can take advantage of this opportunity! To schedule, contact Kim Naber, 4-H Program Coordinator, kimn@ksu.edu.

General Resources

4-H Project: More than a Fair Entry

Kansas 4-H Learning Pathway

Setting 4-H Project Goals

Kansas 4-H Record Keeping Forms

Guide to Kansas 4-H Project Recognition

Simplified 4-H Project Record Form (not for Kansas 4-H project recognition contests)

Generic 4-H Project Record Form (not for Kansas 4-H project recognition contests)

Permanent Record and Personal Information Page

The Kansas 4-H Permanent Record is a tool to summarize your 4-H and non-4-H experiences throughout your youth development journey. Many alumni have found the record to be a valuable keepsake over the years. Teens and young adults have also noted a complete permanent record is a wonderful reference when preparing resumes and applications for college and jobs.

Permanent Record Form:It is recommended to set aside time regularly (i.e. monthly) to capture your involvement in 4-H, school and community Groups/Organizations; Communications/Presentations, Exhibits, Contests; Activities; and Recognitions. The permanent record is an on-going document throughout your 4-H years. This means instead of starting a new file each 4-H year, you simply keep adding information to create a comprehensive record. This can be typed or handwritten. It is allowable to add new rows for sections as needed. Forms are available on the Kansas 4-H Website > Resources > 4-H Library > Awards and Recognition > Record Keeping & Project Reports

4-H Story: Some members find it valuable to reflect at the end of a 4-H year (August/September) by composing a narrative summary of your life, journaling about exciting experiences, accomplishments, and lessons learned through 4-H and beyond. It can be typed or handwritten. If you include a 4-H story in your permanent record, the narrative should summarize all projects and experiences. Keep in mind that some project record reporting requirements include a 4-H story related to a specific project. A story of this type is to be composed separate from your permanent record’s story.

Personal Information Page: It is important to complete a new personal information page for each 4-H year. After completing the required information, it is necessary to get signatures. When someone signs, they verify that all associated records and reports are complete and truthful. Make sure to have all components needed finalized and ready for review before asking for someone to verify and sign the personal information page. Forms are available on the Kansas 4-H Website > Resources > 4-H Library > Awards and Recognition > Record Keeping & Project Reports

Deadlines: A permanent 4-H record and personal information page is frequently a requirement in order to be considered for a 4-H member achievement pin, 4-H project recognition, 4-H scholarship consideration, 4-H royalty, and more. Follow the deadlines communicated in the Post Rock District’s 4-H Newsletter

Project Records

Project records provide an opportunity to develop record keeping skills through the summarization of a given year’s 4-H work within a certain project, including, but not limited to: goals, learning experiences, finances, leadership, service, and exhibits.

Post Rock District 4-H strives to align project recognition with the current recommendations and processes supported by Kansas 4-H. This provides opportunities for members to experience project growth throughout their 4-H experience by engaging in project record and report competitions at the county, regional and state levels.

The 4-H Councils in Jewell, Lincoln, Mitchell, Osborne and Smith Counties review and determine county-level recognition opportunities for project records. County-level project recognition opportunities cannot restrict an eligible individual from engaging in the county – regional – state project recognition continuum as outlined by Kansas 4-H. However, in some cases, a 4-H Council may outline additional county-level recognition opportunities.

Deadlines: Each 4-H Council will designate a project record deadline. This will be communicated to members through the Post Rock District’s 4-H Newsletter. Typically, deadlines will be set to align with the end of a 4-H year. Plan to submit your completed project records to your local Post Rock District office each September!

Project Record Report Forms: If you plan to enter 4-H project record competition, you must use the forms supported by Kansas 4-H. Forms, a helpful check sheet, and evaluation rubric are available on the Kansas 4-H Website > Resources > 4-H Library > Awards and Recognition > Record Keeping & Project Reports

Guide to Kansas 4-H Project Recognition: Learn about the project recognition process for Kansas 4-H. Review the guide to understand contest expectations and the components of the record report forms.

Video Tutorials: Kansas 4-H has some helpful video tutorials to assist you with understanding and navigating the current project record report forms and processes.

Tips for Using PDFs

We Can Help: If you are new to using PDF forms, reach out to our Post Rock District Team! We have team members with a variety of experience using Adobe, and we are happy to assist you with learning to navigate the program through a teaching appointment or by providing access to a computer in one of our offices. Please plan ahead so you don’t run into important deadlines.

Save As: When opening a PDF form (especially a form fillable PDF), you must download or open the form, then "save as" to your desktop before entering information. If you skip this step, you run the risk of losing your work.

Adobe Reader DC: Make sure you have a current version of Adobe Reader DC.  If you do not, you may download a free version from https://get.adobe.com/reader/.  When you click on the link, the following screen will appear.  "Uncheck" the 3 boxes in the middle column and click on the link circled in green to begin your download.  Follow the prompts to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

Acrobat Image

Member Achievement Awards

We’re compiling information to assist with the Kansas 4-H Member Achievement Path. Check back soon, or reach out to your local Post Rock District Office for more information.