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Post Rock District

Beloit Office
(785) 738-3597

Lincoln Office
(785) 524-4432

Mankato Office
(785) 378-3174

Osborne Office
(785) 346-2521

Smith Center Office
(785) 282-6823

Cassie's Radio Program

Cassie Homan
Cassie Thiessen
Post Rock Extension District
Horticulture Agent


Current Programs


Pruning Fruit Trees

If you have fruit trees now is the time to prune them before the trees break dormancy 


Starting Seeds

Even in the cold winter days it is never too early to start planning your garden

Tree Seedlings

Conservation Trees

The conservation tree program is a great way to purchase trees for your property.


Amaryllis Bulbs

Amaryllis bulbs are the perfect holiday plant to add color and cheer to the winter months.

Fall Garden Wrap-Up

Preserving Garden Tools

Now that the gardening season has come to an end it is time to tuck your tools away for the winter.