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Post Rock District

Post Rock District 4-H Events & Activities

For State & District 4-H News and additional information concerning these events, see our 4-H Newsletter and Post Rock District 4-H Insider Experience on Facebook.


4-H Enrollment and Project Drop/Add Deadline is May 1

By May 1, youth need to be properly enrolled in 4-H Online (including payment) to be eligible to participate in the 4-H contests, events and activities aligned with the county fairs in the Post Rock District. Youth are only eligible to compete with projects they are rolled in by May 1. Contact your local office to review your projects and make additions/corrections before the deadline.

Animal Ownership Verification and Tagging Due May 1

In order to exhibit at your local county fair in the 4-H division, your animals (all species) must me properly owned and identified by May 1 of the current year. It is recommended to have your animal verified at the respective county’s official ownership verification, tagging and weigh-in event. Some animals require paperwork submitted to the office. Your county’s section of the 4-H newsletter will share specific event information once it is available. If you are not able to attend the event, you must contact your 4-H Program Coordinator and schedule a time to pick up a tag at your local office. You must submit a picture of the tagged animal within 7 days of tag pick up, no later than May 1. The picture must include a visual of the entire animal so it can be clearly identified, with the tag in the animal’s ear able to be easily read in the photo. All animals that do not meet the May 1 deadline will not be allowed to exhibit in the 4-H division of your respective county’s fair. Any livestock not weighed in at the designated event are not eligible for the county’s 4-H rate-of-gain contest.

Horse ID Papers Due May 1

By May 1 at the end of the business day, all horses that you may show in 4-H at the county, district or state level must be properly identified. New horses must have an ID form completed, and horses used in the past require their ID sheets to be updated with current information and signatures. 4-H members typically have the original documents, so look them over and schedule a time to visit your local office to complete the necessary paperwork. The Kansas 4-H Horse Project webpage has helpful information. Call in advance to make sure extension staff needing to sign (Agents and 4-H Program Coordinators) are available!

New Projects!

Kansas 4-H has announce some new project areas for the State Fair, and we’ll be working to incorporate the options at the county level! Please contact your local office to add these projects before May 1.

  • Ag Mechanics: The project is starting with an emphasis on welding and smithing. This project allows youth to explore areas of ag mechanics and metallurgy from repairing or repurposing items to the fabrication of new items.
  • Architectural Block Construction: The project is starting with an emphasis on using architectural blocks (“Legos”) to construct dioramas. This project allows youth to explore architectural design in a three dimensional space.

Elderly Outreach Project

The youth on the Community Action Team devised a plan to help each 4-H club in our District identify elderly citizens in their local communities. 4-H members will focus on building intergenerational relationships as each club completes this outreach project. Each club will receive $180 to assist with completing the project. Reach out to Nora Rhoades, Youth Development Agent, nrhoades@ksu.edu, or Jaden Huehl, Elderly Outreach Project Leader, at jadenhuehl@icloud.com if you have questions.

Elderly Outreach Project Details
Elderly Outreach Project Flier

Spring Clean Challenge – Community Service Funding Available!

The Post Rock District’s Community Action Team encourages all clubs to get involved in a service project this spring! Have an idea, but need some funding to get you started? Contact Nora Rhoades at nrhoades@ksu.edu to attend a Community Action Team meeting. A youth 4-H member should prepare to present the club's project and funding request. Refer to the flier for more tips on how to plan a spring clean challenge and request funds!

Spring Clean Challenge Flier

Rock Springs 4-H Camp

Rock Springs Camp

Rock Springs 4-H Camp

Camper Registration: The Great Northwest 4-H Camp at Rock Springs will be June 9-12. All enrolled 4-H members ages 7-12 are able to attend. The Post Rock District will not be coordinating transportation for campers. You can find your county’s camp brochure on our website at 4-H Youth Experience > Rock Springs 4-H Camp. A paper form needs to be completed, signed and submitted with your payment to your local office by the end of the business day on April 9.

Camp Counselor Experience 

Youth ages 14-18 are able to experience camp through the exciting role of being a counselor. 4-H membership is not required to serve as a counselor, so please spread the word about this great leadership and service opportunity! Counselors must be available to serve at Rock Springs June 8-June 12. The Post Rock District will provide transportation for all counselors to training on June 8. If we are unable to provide transportation home on June 12, we will help coordinate rides for counselors. Counselors are responsible for paying the counselor registration fees. If you or someone you know would like to be considered for a counselor position, you will need to apply. Applications can be accessed on our website at 4-H Youth Experience > Rock Springs 4-H Camp and are due to your local office by the end of the business day on April 9.


4-H Campference is for youth ages 12-14 (before Jan 1 of current year), and will be held June 27-30 at Rock Springs 4-H Center. Participants will experience the feel of a conference, while enjoying the ‘camp’ activities Rock Springs has to offer. Registration will open in April and it is important to register early as space is limited based on a first-come-first-serve basis (and it was full the last 5 in-person years). If you want to attend, let your local office know so we can make sure you don’t miss the registration opening!

Discovery Days

Kansas 4-H Discovery Days will be delivered virtually June 1-4. Watch for more details in upcoming 4-H newsletters.

4-H Ambassador Team & Training

The Post Rock District is forming a district-wide Ambassador Team. If you are interested in helping the Post Rock District spread the good news about 4-H while developing and practicing your communication and leadership skills, consider joining the team! To get involved, email Nora Rhoades at nrhoades@ksu.edu.

Insect Art Contest

The K-State Pesticide Safety and IPM program is hosting an insect-themed art contest for Kansas 4-Her's and art students across the state. The artwork created by Kansas youth will be used to promote pollinator week (June 21-27, 2021). The program encourages youth to get creative and create an entry before the April 16 deadline. Visit the Pesticide IMP website for contest rules and entry forms.

Record Book Lessons at Club Meetings

Kim Naber, 4-H Program Coordinator, is excited to offer short record book lessons as part of your 4-H club meeting! A ten to fifteen-minute segment on record keeping and record book tips can be catered to meet your member needs. The lessons are for virtual or in-person meetings. Any Post Rock District 4-H Club can take advantage of this opportunity! To schedule, contact Kim, kimn@ksu.edu.

Kansas 4-H Project Resources

Visit your project’s website at Kansas 4-H to connect to a wide variety of resources such as curriculum, exhibiting expectations, leader resources, and more. If you are looking for guidance or new ideas in a project area, reach out to your local office and we’ll help direct you to resources that will assist with finding your spark!

Foods Project Resources ― Frostings and Fillings

K-State Research and Extension has a resource available to assist you with selecting appropriate frostings and fillings for your food projects. Food safety is always important to consider when planning a recipe, cooking and serving. It is a fair requirement to exhibit entries that meet food safety expectations. Check out the resource, Food Safety of Frostings and Fillings. Contact our offices if you have questions or need assistance finding reliable sources for recipes!

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Trainings

Risa Overmiller, 4-H Program Coordinator, is willing to provide in-person trainings if your club or a group of members in your county are interested. Contact her at overmiller@ksu.edu to schedule! YQCA is a national, multi-species youth livestock quality assurance program. It is an annual training open to youth and focuses on food safety, animal well-being, and life skill development. A YQCA certification is valid for one year, so youth need to re-certify annually. YQCA is required to participate in the Kansas State Fair and Kansas Junior Livestock Show. YQCA can be completed online or in-person. Learn more at the K-State Youth Livestock webpage.

4-H at Home

4-H at Home provides learning resources for kids, teens and families to enjoy from home. Explore National 4-H’s 4-H at Home website to receive hands-on, educational activities, including activity guides and curriculum to help explore your spark!

Kansas Youth Livestock Program

Youth planning to exhibit livestock at the Kansas State Fair and Kansas Junior Livestock Show should pay close attention to K-State Youth Livestock Program Deadlines and Updates. Visit the K-State Youth Livestock Program website.

Youth Livestock Educational Resources

There are several youth livestock project resources available on the KSU Youth Livestock Program website, including digital versions of the show guides, videos, and graphics. They may be found under the “Educational Materials” tab on the website. The 2020 junior sheep day videos, as well as the content from the 2021 virtual junior swine and meat goat producer weeks, are available to those who may find them useful.

K-State Animal Science Leadership Academy

Applications are now available for the 2021 K‐State Animal Science Leadership Academy, June 15‐18. This year’s program will offer a hybrid format of virtual instruction, followed by a closing, one‐day, in‐person experience on the Kansas State University campus. Participation is limited to 20 students to ensure individualized attention from counselors, professors, and industry leaders. For questions about the academy, visit www.asi.ksu.edu/KASLA.

North Central Kansas Livestock Circuit & Spring Shows

There are many spring shows available for livestock project participants. While the Post Rock District does not plan or coordinate these events, we can refer interested 4-H and FFA members to the appropriate contacts. The "North Central Kansas Livestock Circuit" has a Facebook group with helpful information and show dates.

Horse Panorama

The Kansas 4-H Horse Panorama will be virtual this spring. Contact your 4-H Program Coordinator if you are interested and we will assist with getting registered.

  • Digital Uploads (Photography, Logo, Poster, Power Point, Ad Layout, Exhibition Model
  • Horse Show) - Uploads will open March 26 and close April 7. Judging will begin after
  • April 7 with feedback given to youth.
  • Hippology- April 10
  • Quiz Bowl Preliminaries via Qualtrics- April 10
  • Quiz Bowl Finals via Zoom- April 11
  • Public Speaking, Demonstration, & Project Talks- Zoom with judges by scheduled date/time, April 10-14. Sign-ups will be available.

Ag Discovery Program

AgDiscovery is a summer outreach program designed to help teenagers explore careers in plant and animal science, wildlife management, agribusiness, and much more! The program allows students to live on a college campus and learn about agriculture from university professors, scientists, and administrative professionals who work for the U.S. Government in a variety of fields. Visit the USDA APHIS AgDiscovery website for more information.