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Post Rock District

2019 Post Rock District 4-H Events


State & District 4-H News and any additional information concerning these events 4-H Newsletter


Check out our Post Rock District County Fair Information for 2019!


May 29-31 - 2019 Discovery Days

For 2019 - Discovery Days will be a 3 day, 2 night experience. The event this year will be May 29 - 31, a Wednesday-Friday experience. Click here to register.

June 19 - 4-H Rock Springs Counselor Training

June 20-23 - 4-H Rock Springs Camp

June 23-26 - Campference

The Kansas 4-H Youth Leadership Council is excited to plan and host 4-H Campference! This event is focused on "betweenagers," youth ages 12-14, and will be held June 23-26, 2019 at Rock Springs 4-H Center.

Participants will experience the feel of a conference, while enjoying the "camp" activities Rock Springs 4-H Center has to offer. Campference will feature workshops about opportunities in the 4-H program, becoming a leader and activities to energize youth while learning healthy living skills and how to better interact with others. Participants will meet other youth from around the state of Kansas. Click here to register.

July 23 - Post Rock District 4-H Fair Dog Show to be held in Osborne.


Aliesa Woods

District Extension Director
4-H Youth Development
Lincoln Office
Phone: (785) 524-4432

Daphne Manning

4-H Program Coordinator
Mankato Office
Phone: (785) 378-3174

Risa Overmiller

4-H Program Coordinator
Smith Center Office
Phone: (785) 282-6823

Kim Naber

4-H Program Coordinator
Osborne Office
Phone: (785) 346-2521