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Post Rock District



Weed Management in Winter Wheat

Sulfur Deficiency in Wheat

Now Is the Time for Farm Transition Planning

Topdressing Wheat Guidelines

Farmland Leasing Arrangement



Fusarium Head Blight or Head Scab in Wheat

Wheat Demonstration Plots and Tours

Do I Need to Worry About Emerged Volunteer Wheat Now?

Spring Herbicide Applications on Wheat



Controlling Volunteer Wheat

Wheat Variety Selection

Do you have a plan for controlling weeds in your wheat stubble?

Effects of heat and drought during grain fill on wheat seed quality

Producing Good Quality Silage with Drought-Stricken Crops



Potential Winter Damage Evaluation

Weed Management for Mustard Weeds in your Wheat

Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services

Wheat Planting Guidelines

Now is the Time to Plan for Weed Management in 2022!

Kansas Ag Mediation Services

Sampling for the Soybean Cyst Nematode

Worm Invasion