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Post Rock District

Beloit Office
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Lincoln Office
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Mankato Office
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Osborne Office
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Smith Center Office
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Mitchell County Fair July 25-27 2024

Mitchell County Fair

2023 Mitchell County Fair Book

2023 Mitchell County Fair Schedule





Livestock Forms

Livestock ID & Entry Form (Due by the Pre-Fair Deadline, June 26, 2023) 

Poultry, Rabbit, & Pet ID & Entry Form (Due by the Pre-Fair Deadline, June 26, 2023) 

Bucket Calf Letter

Bucket Calf Record Sheet (Due Wednesday, July 19 at Livestock Check-in) 

2023 Fair Cleanup Assignments  

Before Fair cleanup of Exhibit Building, Kitchen & Restrooms (Contact the Extension Office before you clean) Asherville Achievers  

Before Fair cleanup of Livestock Barns – West Beloit

After Fair cleanup of Exhibit Building/Restrooms – Tipton   

After Fair cleanup of Livestock Barns  Each livestock exhibitor must clean up their stalls/space 


Each club is required to bring 23 pies to the fair. Also, NEW THIS YEAR, please bring 2 pans of brownies per club, cut and individually wrapped. Please deliver the pies and brownies to the food stand on the morning your club is scheduled.  

Wednesday: West Beloit 

Thursday: Tipton

Friday:Asherville Achievers

Fashion Revue

Fashion Judging Information Letter
Style Revue Score Card/Cost Sheet
Pre-Entry Form
Script Card   (Due July 10, 2023)     
Script Card Examples
Fashion Revue Schedule Letter
Fashion Revue Schedule:  Girls 1, Girls 2, Boys