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Newspaper Column

Blaire Todd Livestock Production Agent K-State Research and Extenison Post Rock District
Blaire Todd
Post Rock Extension District
Livestock Production Agent


Current Articles


Importance of Colostrum

Several factors are involved to assure colostrum antibody protection. The length of time from birth to consuming colostrum is very important.


Photo of Managing Feed and Storage

Managing Feed and Forage

In Kansas, drought conditions are a common occurrence and livestock producers consequently plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Vitamin A: A major player in stillborn and weak calf syndromes

Vitamin A: A Major Player in Stillborn and Weak Calf Syndromes

It is rare for Vitamin A deficiency to occur during a normal pasture season. We do occasionally observe deficiencies in the pasture season during drought conditions.

Forage Analysis: What Numbers Do I Need?

Forage Analysis: What Numbers Do I Need?

One of the more common questions regarding analytical testing of forages and other feedstuffs is “I have the sample, now what do I test for or what analysis package should I select?”

Weaned Calves

Creating a Plan for Healthy Weaned Calves

Weaning is a necessary management strategy to transition our calves from the cow herd to the next stage of production.