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Newspaper Column


Blaire Todd Livestock Production Agent K-State Research and Extenison Post Rock District
Blaire Todd
Post Rock Extension District
Livestock Production Agent


Current Articles


Tips for Managing Heat Stress

A Kansas State University veterinarian is urging cattle producers to beef up their plans for managing heat stress in their herds, a challenge that costs the U.S. cattle industry up to $370 million in losses each year.


Top 10 Things to Keep in Mind with Free Choice Minerals

Remember the priority of nutrients. Energy and protein are of higher priority than minerals and vitamins.

Beef eating

The Basics of Mineral Nutrition

Most beef cattle producers recognize that mineral nutrition is important. However, a mineral program is only one component of an operation’s nutrition and management plan.


Handling Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

Understanding more about liquid nitrogen and its properties will reduce complacency and help prevent accidents.


Importance Of Colostrum

To overcome the inability to pass antibodies to the calf before birth, the bovine dam secretes large amounts of antibodies into her colostrum.