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Newspaper Column

Blaire Todd Livestock Production Agent K-State Research and Extenison Post Rock District
Blaire Todd
Post Rock Extension District
Livestock Production Agent


Current Articles


Prepare Today to Combat Lameness this Grazing Season

Lameness can be challenging to diagnose in field situations, but understanding the subtle differences will help with proper and timely treatment.

Cow eating out of a trough

The Basics of Mineral Nutrition

An exceptional mineral program will not compensate for deficiencies in energy, protein, or management according to Kansas State Extension Beef Systems Specialist, Justin Waggoner.

Cow with Calf

Thoughts on Going to Grass in 2023

Know the variation in weight of your calves going to grass - There may be a 250 to 300 pounds range in the lightest to the heaviest calf in a set of calves going to grass.

Understanding Internal Parasites in Beef Cattle

Understanding Internal Parasites in Beef Cattle

Treatment of internal parasites has numerous benefits to beef cattle production. Improved health, increased weaning weights, and increased fertility are all seen with proper parasite control.



Importance of Colostrum

Several factors are involved to assure colostrum antibody protection. The length of time from birth to consuming colostrum is very important.