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Newspaper Column

Blaire Todd Livestock Production Agent K-State Research and Extenison Post Rock District
Blaire Todd
Post Rock Extension District
Livestock Production Agent


Current Articles


Planning for the Third Trimester

The third trimester of pregnancy is a crucial period because of the rapid growth the fetus undergoes and because it is our opportunity to improve cow body condition prior to calving if needed.

Cattle in Field

Forage Analysis: What Numbers Do I Need?

Most analytical laboratories have many analysis packages which encompass the most common procedures or numbers that a nutritionist or producer needs to know about their feeds.

Cattle in pasture

Supplementation Considerations During Drought

Pastures should be evaluated frequently to assess available forage, and over-grazing should be avoided to minimize long-term effects on the pasture.

Cattle Eating Hay

Forage Analysis" Don't guess... Test!

This is the year to test your harvested forages! As the old saying goes “don’t guess…test”.

Beef eating forages

Test to Prevent Nitrate and Prussic Acid Poisoning

Management recommendations common to both prussic acid and nitrates include test first, don't gamble.