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Post Rock District

Rock Springs 4-H Center

4-H Camp takes place at Rock Springs Ranch 4-H Center near Junction City, Kansas. 4-H Camp is a natural extension of the classroom. Research indicates that by participating in strategically planned, structured summer experiences, children reduce summer learning loss. Rock Springs challenges children, keeps them engaged, develops creativity and their talents, and expands their horizons. Explore more about Rock Springs Ranch at rockspringsranch.org.

Great Northwest 4-H Camp

The Post Rock District participates in the Great Northwest 4-H Camp group with many extension units in northwest Kansas. Registration for 2021 Great Northwest 4-H Camp is currently closed.

Rock Springs Camp

Planning Resources for 2021 4-H Camp at Rock Springs:
Rock Springs Map (printable)
Rock Springs Map (online)
Rock Springs Driving Map
Draft Menu
Horse Barn Rules
Pool Rules
Snack Prices
Souvenir Prices
Emergency Procedures
Rock Springs COVID-19 Protocols
Camp Counselor’s Manual

Post Rock District Camp Letters:
Campers and Counselors were mailed information to help you prepare. If you have misplaced your camp letter, please contact your local extension office to get another emailed to you!

Camp Transportation:
Post Rock District staff provides transportation for counselors to get to counselor training, and we will assist with planning for getting counselors home from camp if we can’t provide it. Post Rock District does not provide transportation to and from camp from campers.

Event Scholarships:
Some counties offer event scholarship opportunities to assist youth with attending 4-H events and activities such as Rock Spring 4-H Camp! Check out our Awards & Recognition page to explore opportunities you may be eligible for, or contact your local Post Rock District office.