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Spring is the Perfect Time to Plant Carrots!
On April 22 we celebrate Earth Day. Make sure to spend sometime outdoors enjoying the spring weather. by Cassie Thiessen, Horticulture Agent
Sun Safety

Protect your skin from the sun by using sunscreen, wearing sun protective clothing, and always wearing sunglasses. by Ashley Svaty Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent

Just like people, livestock must have certain nutrients in their daily feed to remain healthy and continue to grow. by Blaire Tood, Livestock Agent
Today many of us may be far removed from the farm, so teaching kids about agriculture is more important than ever! There are GREAT resources to help teach kids where their food comes from! by Sandra Wick, Crop Production Agent
One of the best things about having your own money is choosing how to use it. If you have a job or get a weekly allowance, think about short-term and long-term goals when it comes to your money. by Brenda Langdon, Family Resource Management Agent
Sleep has a major impact on overall health and quality of life, including the way we feel, look, and perform on a daily basis. Your body needs sleep to repair muscles, consolidate memories, and regulate hormones and appetite. Learn how to improve your sleep routine in the latest Building Strong Families resource from Post Rock Extension District. by Ashley Svaty, Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent 
Strong families try to find time to spend together. Board games provide face-to-face interaction, helping families get connected and create lasting memories. The Post Rock District's latest Building Strong Families resource explains many benefits of playing board games as well as things to consider when carving out time for a family game night. by Nora Rhoades, Youth Development Agent 
Teaching kids about money management can be included in day to day activities and errands. Kids can earn money by doing small jobs for their family or neighbors. They can save the money earned for something they are wanting to purchase or open a savings account at the bank. by Brenda Langdon, Family Resource Management Agent
Spring in finally here! Many of us are anxious to get into the garden and spend more time outdoors. Gardening is a great hobby for your mental and physical health. It gets your body moving and supplies you with colorful, nutritious veggies. These tips should help you have success in the garden this year. We also included some fun activities for the whole family. Enjoy the sunshine! by Cassie Homan, Horticulture Agent
The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource provides 7 simple steps to live better and take care of your heart. This resource also discusses how added sugar impacts heart health and offers tips to reduce added sugar consumption. by Ashley Svaty, Nutrition, Food Safety and Health Agent