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Post Rock District

Beloit Office
(785) 738-3597

Lincoln Office
(785) 524-4432

Mankato Office
(785) 378-3174

Osborne Office
(785) 346-2521

Smith Center Office
(785) 282-6823

Summer Day Camps

Summer Day Camps, Fun Opportunities to Learn and Grow!

Kids in The Kitchen Osborne

Learning is sweeter than soda and better for you. Youth learned to rethink sugary drinks and prepare healthier choices at Kids in the Kitchen. The 2-day summer day camp in Osborne empowered youth to choose health.

Kids in the Kitchen

Momentum Leadership Smith Center

Boost your confidence as a leader in your community. Youth had to work together on communication skills and trust to make a positive difference.

Kids in the Kitchen Smith Center

Space Discovery Lincoln

Blast off to space. Youth teamed up to build and test rockets. They had to think creatively to solve problems. It was a day full of hands-on learning.

Space Discovery Lincoln

Explore Engineering Mankato

Youth learned about physbots, designing, building, and communication at Explore Engineering Day Camp.

Explore Engineering Mankato

Kids in the Kitchen Beloit

Youth learned the nutritional importance of healthy drinks and eating a good breakfast, how to pick healthier foods when eating out, and more. Great kids make great chefs!

Kids in the Kitchen Beloit