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2023 Summer Day Camps, Fun Opportunities to Learn and Grow!

Post Rock District offers a variety of exciting summer day camps. Come have an amazing time while learning something new. We can't wait to see you at day camp!


STEAM Day Camp

STEAM, a day of fun, creative learning, and exploring new things. We will be problem solving in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Architecture, and Mathematics.

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STEAM Day Camp Details


Space Discovery Day Camp

Discovery awaits at our Space Discovery Day Camp. Join us for lots of fun and to learn cool things. 

Space Discovery Registration

Space Discovery Details


Explore Engineering

Explore Engineering summer day camp will challenge youth to think about how and why things work. Through energizing activities, participants will have fun solving questions today's top scientists and engineers explore.

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Explore Engineering Details


Barn Buddies Day Camp June 22 Beloit Kansas

Barn Buddies summer day camp will be filled with classic barnyard fun while exploring agriculture, science, and art. Hands-on activities will increase animal science literacy important in north central Kansas. Day camp will challenge youth to work in teams, think creatively, and have fun!

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Barn Buddies Details


Investigation Station

Investigation Station Investigates Agricultural Science; Teaches Teamwork: Encourages Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Fun.

Investigation Station Registration

Investigation Station