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Post Rock District

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Lincoln Office
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Mankato Office
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Osborne Office
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Smith Center Office
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Post Rock District Wheat Demonstration Test Plots

Sandra Wick with Post Rock Extension District at her Wheat Test Plot

Thanks to our cooperators for our 2022 Wheat Demonstration Plots:  Calvin and Josh Bohnert, Jewell County; Marty Fletchall, Mitchell County; Mark Kuhlmann, Smith County and Kelsey Remus, Osborne County. 

Each year we cooperate with producers to find a plot of land, gather seed, and plant demonstration plots.  With the increasing number of varieties farmers have to choose from, the plots exhibit how the variety performs locally.  “Seeing is believing” is a unique concept with Crop Demonstration Test plots that are utilized in our Extension district.  So if you are interested, don’t hesitate to give me a call.


2022 Wheat Demonstration Plot Tour


2021-2022 Wheat Variety Descriptions

Wheat planting diagram Jewell Calvin Bohnert

Wheat planting diagram Smith Mark Kuhlmann

Wheat planting diagram Osborne Kelsey Remus

Wheat planting diagram Mitchell Marty Fletchall

2021 Summer Plot Tour Series

Kickoff Video from our Interactive Outdoor Classroom Summer Crop Plot Tours from the KSU Agronomy Experiment Plots


2021 Wheat Test Plot Tour

2021 Demonstration Plot Results

Wheat Yield Report Smith

Wheat Yield Report Jewell

Wheat Yield Report Mitchell

Wheat Yield Report Lincoln

Wheat Yield Report Osborne

KSU Wheat Fungicide Study