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4-H Club Seal

Achievement Club Seal

The 4-H club seal award is a district-wide recognition opportunity for the Post Rock District’s 4-H Youth Development Program.
Deadline: October 3, 2022 (because October 1, 2022 is not a business day). Submit by email or as hard copy to your local Post Rock Extension District Office. Late submissions will be lowered points and may not be eligible to be judged.
A club seal is awarded to a Post Rock District 4-H community club at the conclusion of each participation year when the requirements for a seal are met. The club seal award is a district-wide recognition opportunity for the Post Rock District’s 4-H Youth Development Program, and all 4-H community clubs affiliated to and in good standing with the Post Rock Extension District are eligible.The seals, ranked in ascending order of difficulty are: white, red, blue, and purple. A 4-H club may try for any seal without regard to the seals previously received.


Requirements must be met during the October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022 4-H year. Beginning with this 4-H year, all Post Rock District 4-H clubs need to complete the requirements of the district-wide application to be considered for earning a club seal. There are no county-level applications.

Check frequently throughout the year to avoid missing any requirements for the seal your club is working toward. As a requirement is met, mark the space provided and give the information requested. Do not use the same activity to meet more than one requirement. Club membership is based on enrollment as of January 1 of the current 4-H year.


Special Considerations: Recent 4-H program years have become less than "normal" due to ongoing limitations presented by the pandemic. Again, this program year, clubs can attach a supplemental document explaining adaptations, adjustments, or activity substitutions made to remain an active club while following current pandemic protocols. This will be taken into consideration by the review committee during evaluation.

Annual Application Expectations: The award requirements and expectations will be reviewed annually under the supervision of Post Rock District’s Youth Development Agent, and any updated expectations for the incoming participation year will be shared with 4-H club leadership at its earliest convenience.