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Member Achievement Pins

Achievement pins recognize 4-H members as they reach milestones throughout their 4-H journey. The pins are awarded in a series. As a member’s 4-H journey progresses, the achievement pin requirements expand to challenge individuals to explore and engage in more opportunities to develop life skills. The ultimate goal is for a member to reach the final achievement pin, the Kansas Key Award.

key award

  • Members work toward the requirements of a pin throughout the 4-H year (October 1 – September 30). Pin applications ask members to highlight 4-H and project-related events, activities and achievements accomplished within the 4-H club, county/district, region, state, or beyond. In-person, hybrid, virtual, and distance learning events and activities are able to be considered as part of the member’s experience.
  • At the end of the 4-H year, members apply to be considered to earn a pin award. Application deadlines will be communicated for each county in the Post Rock District 4-H Newsletter and/or through correspondence from the Post Rock District Team (email). Generally, the deadlines are at the end of September.
  • Submission of an application does not guarantee a member will receive the desired pin award. Applications are reviewed by a committee organized by the Post Rock District Team.
  • Awards are announced in coordination with each county’s annual achievement ceremony/celebration.
  • A member is eligible to apply for one achievement pin per 4-H year.
  • Unless otherwise stated, a pin can only be earned one time during a 4-H member’s career.
  • Once a member earns a higher-level pin, they are no longer eligible to apply for any pin that would come before it in the series.
  • Post Rock District counties use the Member Achievement Plans (pin applications) set forth by Kansas 4-H. There are no county-level forms.
  • Applications can be typed or legibly handwritten.
  • The expectations outlined on each pin application must be fully met in order to be granted the award. This includes any stated requirements to complete and submit a 4-H Permanent Record, Personal Page, Project Record, etc.
  • There are some cases where a pin application will state to complete the current year's record book, but does not outline what specific documents to include. In Post Rock District this means to include the 4-H Permanent Record and Personal Page. A Project Record is encouraged, but not required in these situations.
  • When a Project Record needs to be submitted, unless otherwise stated on the application, a Project Record for at least one (1) 4-H project enrolled in the current year must be completed.
  • Applications must have the requested signatures before it will be considered by the review committee. The signatures confirm that the information on the application is true and honest. A 4-H Club Leader is not required to sign a member’s application if they cannot attest that the member’s listed participation and experiences are accurate and correct.

2020-2021 Achievement Pin Special Considerations: Post Rock District 4-H members need to engage through in-person, hybrid, virtual, and distance learning opportunities in order to meet the requirements of the respective award. If there is a requirement that was completely unavailable due to no delivery method mentioned above offered at a local, district, regional, state, or national level, please note it on the application. You can attach a supplemental document sharing two (2) ways you adapted, adjusted or substituted an experience in order to remain active while following current COVID-19 protocols. Permanent record, project record, and club meeting requirements cannot be waived with a substitute activity. This information will be considered by the review committee. The 4-H Key Award can be submitted using the original application or the alternative application, as posted on the Kansas 4-H website for the Key Award. The Key Award is the only award application that has a modified form available during the pandemic programming years.

Kansas 4-H Member Achievement Plans (Pin Applications)
Find the applications for Member Achievement Pins and the Key Award at the Kansas 4-H website > Resources > Awards & Recognition.