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Kansas 4-H Communications

Kansas 4-H members have been learning communication skills and building confidence for more than 100 years. Through engagement in 4-H, youth will learn to interpret verbal and nonverbal information, develop effective public speaking skills, enhance written and spoken communication, defend a point, design a presentation, and much more!


Kansas 4-H has many helpful resources to assist you with developing communication skills. Visit the Kansas 4-H Communications Project webpage for teaching and learning tools. If you can’t find a resource to meet your needs, please contact your local Post Rock District Office. 
Communications Project Materials
Kansas 4-H Presentation Overview
Project Talk 
Illustrated Talk 
Public Speaking 
Public Service Announcement 
Presentation Brainstorming Activity 
Outline Planning Form 
Preparing and Using Visual Aids 
Effective Presentation Tips 
Setting Project Goals 
Public Speaking Record 


Kansas 4-H Communication Fact Sheets

NOTICE (2024): K-State Research and Extension and Kansas 4-H are having some website issues. If there is a resource you are looking for that goes to a broken link, we apologize. Please contact your local Extension Office and we can help get you the resource another way. Thanks for your patience. Below are common communications resources that may not be currently accessible through the Kansas 4-H website and KSRE Bookstore:


Kansas 4-H Presentation Overview Fact SheetKansas 4-H Project Talks Fact SheetKansas 4-H Demonstrations Fact SheetKansas 4-H Illustrated Talks Fact SheetKansas 4-H Public Speaking Fact Sheet

Post Rock District 4-H Day

4-H Day is an opportunity for Post Rock District 4-H members to showcase and further develop communication skills. It’s an opportunity to learn and practice skills necessary to clearly organize and present ideas and instructions through a variety of communication and presentation strategies. Learn more on the 4-H Day event webpage.