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Post Rock District

Beloit Office
(785) 738-3597

Lincoln Office
(785) 524-4432

Mankato Office
(785) 378-3174

Osborne Office
(785) 346-2521

Smith Center Office
(785) 282-6823

Cassie Thiessen Horticulture Agent


Horticulture Agent
Post Rock Extension District



We offer a variety of resources, classes, and opportunities for aspiring and experienced gardeners, DIY home lawn care, and plant recommendations for your landscape.

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Have a Gardening or Lawn Care Question?

We are happy to answer your gardening and landscape question, stop by or give us a call. You can also find answers and resources for the most common questions at the Horticulture Information Center.

For us to best help with your plant questions please submit multiple pictures for accurate diagnoses.

  For pest or disease diagnosis:

1. One picture of the entire plant or garden area

2. One picture of a branch or affected area

3. One close up, in focus picture of any symptoms of concern (leaf spots, holes, discoloration, etc.)

    For plant identification:

1. One picture of the entire plant or garden area

2. One picture of leaves or branches

3. One picture of any flowers, flower buds, or seeds visible

Gardening Resources

We have many online gardening resources to help you in the garden, lawn, and landscape. Stay up-to-date with the latest research-based information: