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Post Rock District

Lawn and Garden

Lawn and Garden Extension services provide seasonal information about the care of your lawns and garden especially for Kansas and our area.

Our Office Is Ready To Help!

Our office is ready to help. You may bring in soil (for soil testing), turf, tree, weed, and insect samples to our offices for evaluation, or for examination by Kansas State University. Suggested treatments or solutions will be provided through your Horticulture agent.

If you bring a plant sample, please bring a representative sample of the plant, preferably with several leaves on a branch or stem, including flowers, fruit, or other distinguishing characteristics. For lawn samples, bring in a 3" diameter core, including roots.

Pictures are very helpful in diagnosing plant problems. Bring pictures in with the sample or email pictures to choman@ksu.edu. Multiple pictures are needed: close ups of the specific problem, a picture of the entire plant and if possible a picture of the environment around the plant itself.

Perdue Hospitality

Tips for Your Yard

Visit the KSU Horticulture Information Center for access to all resources!

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Trees and Shrubs

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