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Post Rock District

Beloit Office
(785) 738-3597

Lincoln Office
(785) 524-4432

Mankato Office
(785) 378-3174

Osborne Office
(785) 346-2521

Smith Center Office
(785) 282-6823

Post Rock District 4-H Newsletter            

The Post Rock District emails an e-newsletter to all actively enrolled 4-H members, club leaders, and registered volunteers in 4-H Online at the start of each month (excluding July and August). The e-newsletter is printer friendly. The Post Rock District 4-H Newsletter is an essential communication tool to receive valuable information regarding local and district participation – and beyond.
Post Rock District 4-H communications to members, families and volunteers takes place through email as the primary method of official correspondence. Post Rock District will use the contact email listed in 4-H Online. The newsletter mailing list is updated each program year after the priority enrollment period ends (November 15). Members/families will be dropped from the newsletter mailing list if you are not currently enrolled by this date. You will be added back to the newsletter mailing list once your enrollment becomes active again.
Log into 4-H Online or call your local Extension Office to update your membership contact information!


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