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Post Rock District

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Sandra's Radio Program

Sandra Leaning Down in Wheat Field Photo
Sandra Wick
Post Rock Extension District
Crop Production Agent


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Photo of Volunteer Wheat

Controlling Volunteer Wheat

There is still time to control or kill the volunteer wheat before you attempt to plant your 2023 wheat crop.

Sandra Wick Standing at Wheat Test Plot Sign
Producers are evaluating their performance of their 2022 wheat varieties in considering new varieties to plant in a couple of months.
Weeds in Wheat Stubble
Importance of having a plan for controlling weeds in your wheat stubble.
Wheat Drought Photo
Wheat that has been stressed by drought and extreme heat temperatures during the critical growth stages can definately have some seed quality concerns.
Checking Wheat for Head Blight or Head Scab Photo

Fusarium Head Blight is a fungal disease that effects the developing grain and tends to be worse in cool, wet conditions.