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Post Rock District

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Sandra's Radio Program

Sandra Checking the Condition of the Wheat
Sandra Wick
Post Rock Extension District
Crop Production Agent


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Best Pest Planting Date Chart

Planting Dates for Wheat!

You might be tempted to drill your wheat sooner, but planting too early can definitely lead to several problems down the road.

Volunteer Wheat

Controlling Volunteer Wheat

There is still time to control or kill the volunteer wheat before you attempt to plant your 2024 wheat crop.

Transition Conferences

Importance of Farm Transition Planning and Conferences

The Kansas producers average age is 58, indicating that there will be a major transfer of Farm ownership throughtout the next 10 to 20 years.

Controlling Weeds in Wheat Stubble

Controlling Weeds in Wheat Stubble

Post harvest weed control in wheat stubble is very important.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch Bugs

According to Dr. Jeff Whitworth, K-State Research and Extension Entomologist, there has been more Chinch bugs this year then he has seen in the last 20 years, due to the continued dry conditions over the last 3 to 4 years.