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Post Rock District

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Post Rock District 4-H Day

4-H Day is an opportunity for Post Rock District 4-H members to showcase and further develop communication skills. It’s an opportunity to learn and practice skills necessary to clearly organize and present ideas and instructions through a variety of communication and presentation strategies.

Post Rock Guide

Judging Contest
2023 Post Rock District 4-H Day Results
2023 Judging Contest Results
Communications and Presentation Strategies Resources

Access a variety of communication and presentation strategies resources at:
Post Rock District Communications Webpage
Kansas 4-H Project Webpage – Communications
Kansas 4-H Project Webpage – Performing Arts

2023 Post Rock District 4-H Day Judging Rubrics
Project Talk
Demonstration or Illustrated Talk
Public Speaking
Spontaneous Speaking
Public Service Announcement
Model Meeting
Creative Dramatic Skit or Novelty Talent
Dance and Creative Movement
Instrumental Ensemble or Band
Instrumental Solo
Vocal Ensemble or Chorus
Vocal (Solo) Score Sheet

Kansas State Fair Presentations

Judging Contes

In eligible contest areas and age divisions, youth earning a purple at a Post Rock District 4-H Day are able to participate at the Kansas State Fair. Find more information about fair entry and presentations expectations on the Kansas 4-H State Fair Webpage.