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Dorothy Wilson Recognized with K-State Research and Extension Appreciation Award for a Lifetime of Volunteer Service with Kansas 4-H

Dorothy Wilson is the recipient of the 2021 K-State Research and Extension Appreciation Award for the Post Rock District. Mrs. Wilson is a volunteer and founding member of The Asherville Achievers 4-H Club, which recently celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary as an active 4-H club. The Appreciation Award is an annual award selected by the Post Rock District Executive Board recognizing a volunteer who helps us extend the Extension mission in our communities.

This 4-H year marks Dorothy Wilson's sixty-ninth year serving as an Asherville Achievers club leader. Why 4-H? She said, "I just love 4-H; it's a wonderful organization. From day one, I was accepted there. It's there in my heart."

Nora Rhoades, District Director and Youth Development Agent, presented the award to Dorothy at her home outside of Asherville, Kansas. Dorothy reminisced about the rich history of community service, leadership, and learning by Asherville Achievers 4-H members and families. One of Dorothy's early memories was the lesson to measure ingredients accurately in baking. Foods and Nutrition was her favorite project and remains a passion. She served homemade cookies while trying to put into words what sustains her commitment to volunteering in Kansas 4-H. She said, "I love working with kids. I just love those kids and those families. They're my second family."

The Post Rock Extension District Executive Board and staff are grateful for Dorothy Wilson's dedication to developing our youth into tomorrow's community leaders. Please contact your local Extension Office to learn how your family can take part in your local 4-H club. Visit www.postrock.ksu.edu for office and staff contact information.

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