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Post Rock District

Beloit Office
(785) 738-3597

Lincoln Office
(785) 524-4432

Mankato Office
(785) 378-3174

Osborne Office
(785) 346-2521

Smith Center Office
(785) 282-6823

Together We Build Strong Families and Grow Great Kids!


Adventure Lab

Helping Kids Discover the Adventure of Science

Day Camps

Day Camps Explore all the Wonders from the Kitchen to Space!

Nora Rhoades, Youth Development Agent

My purpose is to empower parents, caregivers, mentors, and youth.
"Working as a professional focused on youth development is fascinating. My purpose is to empower parents, caregivers, mentors, and youth themselves with strengths-based and solution-focused skills to make a positive difference for self, one's family, within their own community, and beyond! I am empowered with optimism every day! What a reward to be part of the village developing our future leaders - teachers, doctors, farmers, electricians, scientists, mayors, etc!!" Nora Rhoades, Youth Development Agent


Life Skills

Interactive Learning for Youth That Lasts a Lifetime

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

A Literacy Program for Young Children


Youth Enrichment Offerings

Supplemental Youth Activities for Educators and Community Leaders

Building Strong Families

A tool to Help Community Members of all Ages Meet Health and Wellness Goals