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Post Rock District 4-H Quiz Bowl

The 4-H Quiz Bowl provides an opportunity to learn more about the 4-H organization. While a quiz bowl is semi-competitive, the experience is designed to be a fun, educational opportunity for 4-H members!

Quiz Bowl Ribbon Holders
2023 Quiz Bowl Results

Quiz Bowl Study Guide

Spend time learning about 4-H by conducting research to complete the questions below. Once you have completed the questions on-your-own, compare your answers to the answer key. Next, use the questions and answers to study and prepare for 4-H Quiz Bowl. Studying can provide fun and learning. You can study individually, with a caring adult, with your friends, or with your team. You might even enjoy using this study guide to test the knowledge of your 4-H club members at a meeting!Quiz Bowl Participants

2023 Quiz Bowl Study Guide with Answer Key

Quiz Bowl Rules

4-H Quiz Bowl is a semi-competitive event. In order for it to run smoothly and be a fun, educational experience for all please respect the rules of the event.

Quiz Bowl Rules