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Judging Contests

The primary objective of a 4-H judging contest is to provide an opportunity for youth enrolled to demonstrate their knowledge of the related subject matter.

Below are study resources for a variety of subject matter areas that may help you prepare for 4-H judging contests.

Kansas 4-H offers a variety of events and activities which include a judging contest component. Details about the contests are on each event website.

If you are working to prepare for a judging contest related to a 4-H project, and have resources to add to the list, please reach out to a Post Rock District office. We appreciate it!

Post Rock District 4-H Day Judging Contests
4-H Day is a great opportunity to try a judging contest! Each available contest will be the same at both 4-H Day events, so you should only participate in a contest one time during 4-H Days. Participants DO NOT need to pre-register for these judging contests. Judging times will be posted when each 4-H Day schedule is released, and you can judge when you are available. For those who have not participated in a judging contest before, volunteers/staff will be available to explain the process to you before you start. Each contest will have a Junior (7-12) and Senior (13+) division based on age before January 1, 2023. Results will be combined from both 4-H Day events to declare Post Rock District winners. Cloverbuds can practice by working with an adult. 4-H members will participate individually. All cell phones and other communications devices must be turned off while participating. Find more details about 4-H Day on the event’s webpage.

Entomology Judging: Cassie Thiessen, District Horticulture Agent, is preparing an entomology judging learning experience. The contest will include common bug identification.

Meat Cuts Identification: Blarie Todd, District Livestock Production Agent, is preparing a meat cuts identification learning experience. The contest will include common cuts of meat identification.

Photography Judging: A photography judging contest will be available, prepared by the Kansas 4-H Photography Project Action Team. Study materials are available at the Kansas 4-H State Photography Judging Contest webpage.

Life Skills Judging: A life skills judging contest will be available, prepared by the Northwest 4-H Advisory Team. The contest will consist of classes related to topics which support general life skill development.

Junior Life Skills Study Guides
Senior Life Skills Study Guides

Livestock Sweepstakes

The Kansas 4-H Livestock Sweepstakes take place in August on the K-State campus in Manhattan. It includes the state 4-H livestock judging contest, meat judging contest, livestock skillathon, and livestock quiz bowl in one action-packed weekend.