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Sandra's Newspaper Column

Sandra Wick K-State Research and Extension Crop Production Agent
Sandra Wick
Post Rock Extension District
Crop Production Agent


Current Issue

Weeds in the Field

Do you Have Weed Management Plans for 2023?

It is important to scout fields and properly identify young weed seedlings early in the season to develop an effective weed management strategy.

Sulfur Deficiency in Wheat Column

Could Sulfur Deficiency be a Problem in Your Already Drought-Stressed Wheat?

The 2023 wheat crop is certainly struggling at this time mostly from limited moisture and growth development, however, in recent years, sulfur (S) deficiency in wheat has become more common in many areas of Kansas, particularly in no-till wheat. 


Sandra Checking Wheat


What are Some Potential ”Cold Snap” Effects on the 2023 Winter Wheat Crop?

As we all know, there are extremely dry soil conditions around the state which puts the wheat more susceptible to winter damage or winter kill. Dry soils will get colder easier than wet soils.

Measuring the Growth of Wheat

How Did the Wheat Handle the Latest Colder Temperatures?

Kansas weather, you just have to love it or get really frustrated!

Is winter a good time to apply anhydrous ammonia fertilizer to my crop fields?

Is Winter a Good Time to Apply Anhydrous Ammonia Fertilizer to my Crop Fields?

Most producers have completed their fall harvest and may not be thinking about their fertility program for their 2022 spring row crops, but now may be the time!