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Sandra's Newspaper Column

Sandra Wick K-State Research and Extension Crop Production Agent
Sandra Wick
Post Rock Extension District
Crop Production Agent


Current Issue

Winter Wheat

What are the Risks of Planting Wheat Early?

Producers will soon be drilling their 2023 wheat crop and it is always interesting to watch when drilling begins in North Central Kansas.

Planting Wheat

Gearing up for 2023 Wheat Crop

It soon will be time for drilling of the 2023 wheat crop in northcentral Kansas! Producers are busy preparing for the crop and are rounding up their seed along with getting the ground ready.

Wheat Field

Plan Your Pre-Emergence Weed Control in Your Wheat Ground!

Pre-emergence herbicides with residual activity are an important component of high-yelding cropping systems according to Dr. Sarah Lancaster, K-State Research and Extension, Weed Science specialist.

Volunteer Wheat

Don't forget about controlling volunteer wheat this summer!

If volunteer wheat and other hosts are not controlled throughout the summer and are infested with wheat curl mites, the mites will survive until fall and could infest newly planted wheat at that time. 

Conrolling Wheat Stubble

Do you have a plan for controlling weeds in your wheat stubble?

When thinking about weed control in wheat stubble, there are two priorities – controlling already emerged weeds and preventing later flushes.