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Cassie Homan Horticulture Agent

Cassie Thiessen
Post Rock Extension District
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Current Articles

Dog playing in the grass

Cool Season Lawn Care

With the warmer temperatures and sunny days ahead, it’s the perfect time to get outside and have some fun in your landscape.

Decoration Cedar Apple Rust

Cedar Apple Rust

Spring time means many plants are blooming. Don’t panic if you see cedar apple rust’s orange, jelly like galls on your evergreen trees. The galls will eventually dry up and the tree will not be harmed.

Variety of Vegetables

Early Spring Soil Temperatures

Though lettuce, parsnips, and spinach can sprout at a soil temperature of 35 F, they prefer at least 45 F for best germination and growth.


Pruning Shrubs

If you are itching to get some landscape chores done, consider pruning some of your shrubs now. Make sure you know what type of shrub you are wanting to prune and follow the guidelines for that specific plant.


Cloning Apple Trees

Apple trees are actually quite easy to graft, even for novices. Don't be afraid to try even if you haven't grafted before.