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Post Rock Answers Horticulture Articles

Cassie Homan Horticulture Agent

Cassie Thiessen
Post Rock Extension District
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Current Articles


Pawpaw Trees a Native Fruit

Are you looking for new plants to add to your garden this year? Pawpaw trees are native to Kansas, yet many people in the state have never eaten one.

Poinsettias Plant

Holiday Plants Brighten the Season

For a horticulturist like me, Christmas time means bright colorful poinsettias and other holiday plants to liven up the season.

Round up Gardening Tools

Time to Round Up Your Gardening Tools

With the cooler temperatures and longer nights, our gardens have come to an end.

Red Leaf Tree

Watering for Winter

Giving your plants a good drink of water before winter sets in will help alleviate stress.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Now is the Time to Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs

With the onset of cooler weather, it’s the perfect time to plant spring flowering bulbs. For north central Kansas, late September through October is an ideal time in our climate hardiness zone.