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Current Articles


The Magic of Compost

Fall is here and you might find yourself tromping through piles of fallen leaves. Now is the perfect time to start a compost pile and get the most out of all that yard ‘trash’. 

Fall wrap up shovel

Cleaning up Your Garden in Fall

The most important step for garden clean-up is to eliminate debris. This will help to get rid of diseases and insects that can over winter and cause problems next year.

Weeds in Lawn

Planting Cool Season Grasses

Lower quality seed can introduce unwanted weeds and a lot of extra work to eradicate it later. If you are planning to plant or over-seeding your lawn this fall, make sure to choose high quality seed.

Dog playing in the grass

Fall Gardening Calendar

Summer seemed to fly by. Fall is just around the corner, soon kids will be starting school and football season will be here.

Tomatoe on vine

Enjoying Your Harvest

Picking vegetables out of your gardening and eating them fresh is such a great summertime treat.