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Post Rock Answers Horticulture Articles

Cassie Homan Horticulture Agent

Cassie Homan
Post Rock Extension District
Horticulture Agent





Current Articles

Tomato Troubles
Mulching, caging, or staking keeps plants off the ground, making them less vulnerable. Better air circulation allows foliage to dry quicker than in plants allowed to sprawl. Mulching also helps prevent water from splashing and carrying disease spores to the plant.
Bagworm Control
The most common hosts for bagworms are cedar and juniper trees. However, they may also attack other evergreens, such as arborvitae, spruce, and pine.
Cure the gardening itch by planting peas
There are several types of peas that can be plant in Kansas. Probably the most common is the shelling pea and the old standard in this group is Little Marvel.
Cedar Apple Rust
Spring time means many plants are blooming. Don't panic if you see cedar apple rust's orange. jelly like galls on your evergreen trees.