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Cassie Homan Horticulture Agent

Cassie Thiessen
Post Rock Extension District
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Current Articles



Most of us are familiar with bagworms in cedar and juniper trees. However, they may also attack other evergreens, such as arborvitae, spruce, and pine

Monarch butterfly sitting on yellow perrenials

Gardening for Pollinators

The first step is to decide what pollinators you want to bring to your garden. Bees, butterflies and birds will all have different needs and might prefer different plants.


Growing Raspberries and Blackberries

Brambles grow best in a well-drained soil that holds moisture- preferably a deep sandy loam with plenty of organic matter

Potato Image

All About Potaotes

Whether you are new to gardening or a pro, potatoes are an easy crop that can be grown in containers or the garden. Follow these tips to have a successful harvest this summer.


Get Your Garden Started Early

If choosing seeds from a business that does not specialize in plants, pay special attention to the package date to make sure the seed was packaged for the current year.