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Post Rock District

2021 Post Rock District Wheat Demonstration Test Plots

Thanks to our cooperators for the 2021 Wheat Plots: Calvin Bohnert, Brady Coover, Marty Fletchall, Kelsey Remus and David/Kaid Sasse.

Each year we cooperate with producers to find a plot of land, gather seed, and plant demonstration plots.  With the increasing number of varieties farmers have to choose from, the plots exhibit how the variety performs locally.  “Seeing is believing” is a unique concept with Crop Demonstration Test plots that are utilized in our Extension district.  So if you are interested, don’t hesitate to give me a call.



Wheat planting diagram JW Calvin Bohnert

Wheat planting diagram LC Brady Coover

Wheat planting diagram OB Kelsey Remus

Wheat planting diagram SM David Sasse 

NEW 2020 KSU Wheat Variety Performance Booklet

The New KSU Wheat Variety Performance booklet will soon be in our PRD Offices in Beloit, Lincoln, Mankato, Osborne or Smith Center.

KSU Wheat Variety Performance

2020 Demonstration Plot Results

Wheat Yield Report Smith

Wheat Yield Report Jewell

Wheat Yield Report Mitchell

Wheat Yield Report Belleville

Wheat Yield Report Hays

Wheat Yield Report Osborne - "Abandoned" weed pressure


2019 Demonstration Plot Results

Wheat Yield Report Smith

Wheat Yield Report Belleville

Wheat Yield Report Ellis

Wheat Yield Report Mitchell

Mitchell Test Plot 2019


Post Rock District Virtual Wheat Plot Tours

0:02:43 - Cooperator recognition

0:09:35 - Seed-Applied Fertilizer Study - Seed Treatments & Blends

0:21:18 - 2020 Wheat conditions – Dr. Romulo Lollato, Dr. Erick DeWolf, Dr. Kelsey Andersen, and Dr. Lucas Haag

0:35:50 - Wheat variety discussion (part 1)

1:13:19 - Phosphorus Study using different soil test methods/measuring the wheat response – Dr. Dorivar Ruiz Diaz

1:25:10 - Wheat variety discussion (part 2)

2:01:10 - Summary

Annually the Post Rock Extension District conducts face-to-face tours of our wheat demonstration plots around the district.  However, with the pandemic conditions, we have converted our tours to “virtual”.  But, the variety signs are up on each of the wheat plots in Jewell, Osborne and Smith counties and the field locations are posted here on our website. Stay tuned for information on the replicated plot in Mitchell County.

Sandra Wick, Post Rock District Crop Production Agent, along with K-State Research and Extension agronomists will provide updated information on each of the varieties along with conditions throughout the growing season including diseases, insects or low temperature effects and a “virtual” tour of the plots will be recorded and posted on our website.  We will let you know through email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. when the program will be posted online. The anticipated post date will be the first week of June. 

Wheat Plot Information

Jewell County

Osborne County

Smith County

Mitchell County

Wheat Plot Test Variety Descriptions

KSU Virtual Wheat Field Days

K-State Research and Extension will also host its first-ever live Virtual Wheat Field Day on the evenings of Wednesday., May 27 and Thursday., May 28.  In a twist on the typical wheat field day that Kansas farmers often attend, K-State Research and Extension will host a two-part wheat field day live on K-State Agronomy YouTube to update growers and others on the most recent crop advances and challenges while keeping producers safe from COVID-19.  The two “field evenings,” will begins at 7 p.m. and will end at approximately 9 p.m. each evening. Agriculture Today radio host Eric Atkinson will moderate the program and will allow for questions from the audience.

This program will include information on an overview of the 2020 wheat growing season, variety selection, disease and insect management, wheat breeding update along with a presentation from the Kansas Wheat commission.