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Sandra's Radio Program

Sandra Leaning Down in Wheat Field Photo
Sandra Wick
Post Rock Extension District
Crop Production Agent


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National Ag Week

National Ag Day

American Agriculture is the backbone of our nations economy and we express our appreciation for all that contribute to the United States Agriculture Industry.

Top Dressing Wheat

Top Dressing Wheat

Producers are now making some tough decisions on exactly what nutrients need to be applied to their wheat crop.

Looking at Weeds in Wheat

Weed Management in Winter Wheat

The recent snow is extremely important for the moisture and to help insulate the wheat crop.

Sulfur Deficiency in Wheat Program

Sulfur Deficiency in Wheat

During the current season, the wheat crop has likely taken up a very limited amount of sulfur due to two main reasons.

Now is the time for farm transition planning

Now Is the Time for Farm Transition Planning

The Kansas producers average age is 58 indicating there will be a major transfer of farm ownership throughout the next 20 years.