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Post Rock District

2019 Post Rock District County Fair Information 



Family and Friendship at the County Fair with Aliesa Woods



JEWELL July 11 - 14

Jewell County Fair Book2019 Jewell County Fair Book

LINCOLN July 17 -20

2019 Lincoln County Fair

2019 Lincoln County Fair Book 

Club Entry Form

Building Schedule

Livestock Entry Form

Open Class Livestock Entry Form

Fashion Revue Informational Letter

Fashion Revue Pre-Entry Form (Construction & Buymanship)

4-H Club Officer Notebook Score Sheet

4-H Project Notebook Score Sheet

4-H Poster Exhibit Score Sheet

MITCHELL July 25 - 27

Mitchell County Fair

2019 Mitchell County Fair Book

MC 4-H Fair Poultry and Rabbit Entry Form

MC 4-H Livestock Entry Form

MC Fair Food Stand Guidelines

2019 Fair Clean Up Assignments

Fashion Revue Informational Letter

Fashion Revue Pre-Entry Form (Construction & Buymanship)

OSBORNE July 24 - 27

Osborne County Fair

2019 Osborne County Fair Book

Osborne County 4-H Fair FairEntry Instructions

2019 Osborne County Fair 4-H Event Schedule

2019 Osborne County 4-H Food Stand Schedule Final

2019 4-H/FFA Department Judging Schedules

Bucket Calf Project Record

Foods & Nutrition Project Record

Clothing & Textiles Project Record

Foods & Nutrition Project Record Editable

Clothing & Textiles Project Record Editable

July Newsletter Osborne County 4-H

SMITH July 18 - 22

Smith Fair

2019 Smith County Fair Book

Stall Reservations

Fashion Revue Entry Form

Fashion Revue Script

Cloverbud Reservation Form


Aliesa Woods

District Extension Director
4-H Youth Development
Lincoln Office
Phone: (785) 524-4432

Daphne Manning

4-H Program Coordinator
Mankato Office
Phone: (785) 378-3174

Risa Overmiller

4-H Program Coordinator
Smith Center Office
Phone: (785) 282-6823

Kim Naber

4-H Program Coordinator
Osborne Office
Phone: (785) 346-2521