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Career Ready

KSU Career and Employment Services

The mission of K-State Career & Employment Services is to provide career advising, training, employment connections, and resources to K-State students, alumni, faculty, administration, employers and members of the community which the university serves.

  • Informational Interview Guide  Informational Interviews can help you learn more about career options you’re considering.  Talk with professionals in the field to learn more about your possible career options and find out how to be successful in your job search.
  • Resume Guide  K-State’s Career and Employment Services’ resume resources contain sample resumes as well as sample cover letters and other business correspondence.
  • Interview Guide This guide offers suggestions to give you a brief look at what you should do before, during and after the interview.
  • Workshops on the Web  View online workshops prepared by K-State’s Career and Employment Services’ advisors, employers and guest speakers.
  • Career and Job Search Websites  A list of helpful websites and information to help you research, network and negotiate your way to a successful career.
  • Dress to Impress  Examples of business professional and business casual attire for both men and women.

Essential Living Skills: Job-Ready Skills

This K-State Research and Extension curriculum facilitates job-skill development. The publication guides participants through goal-setting exercises, job-skill assessment, resume writing and application protocols, and helps them develop tools for handling a variety of job situations. Sections of the curriculum address job interests and skills, finding a job, keeping a job and problem-solving at work.

More Resources

  • Know Yourself, Understand Others, Improve Your Relationships   Learning to understand people who come from different backgrounds fosters communication and cooperation in communities, businesses, and families. This K-State Research and Extension fact sheet looks at cultural patterns, common attitudes toward difference, and understanding your own personal biases.
  • Dressing Professionally on a Budget  This K-State Research and Extension fact sheet provides advice about choosing clothing for office work, including suggestions for grooming. Emphasis is on clothing for women.
  • Making Time For Your Community: This K-State Research and Extension fact sheet series provides insight about community engagement through work, volunteering and other endeavors. The fact sheets include:Decision Making ; Managing Conflict; Delegating;Goal Setting;Communication;Getting Organized;Time Management;Stress Management