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Aging Resources

K-State's Center on AgingAging Resources

K-State Research and Extension Adult Development and Aging programming enriches the health and wellness of aging Kansans through community education. Our resources, services and educational programs seek to educate Kansans on managing the challenges commonly associated with aging. To access resources or to schedule a program in your community, contact your local Post Rock District Office.



Resources and Programs

Advance Health Care Planning in Kansas

By stating your health care preferences in writing before a health crisis occurs, you can ensure that you will receive the type or degree of care that you want. There are many different and unique documents to help you plan for your future. This booklet will guide you through these valuable tools and give you the resources to plan for your future needs.

Alzheimer’s 101

This publication furthers the understanding of Alzheimer’s, its warning signs, the benefits of early detection and diagnosis, and steps to bettering your overall brain health.

Elder Abuse and Neglect

No one is immune to elder abuse — it can happen to anyone, at any time, and anywhere. This publication will guide you through the types, warning signs, risks, and prevention of elder abuse and the reporting laws in Kansas.

Emergency Preparedness

An emergency or disaster can strike at any moment and will likely affect every family at some point. The best way to work through difficult situations and circumstances is to be prepared before a concern presents itself. The Post Rock District provides resources and expertise as you strive to prepare for the risks facing you, your family and your home.

Fashion an Easier Lifestyle with Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can be applied in many areas to make life easier. This publication gives participants the opportunity to see how a wide variety of assistive technology can improve quality of life. Information on how and where to buy assistive technology is provided.

Gray for a Day

This interactive educational program aims to educate participants on age-related sensory and functional challenges some adults might face through various simulations that reflect daily routines, simple tasks, and leisure or social activities. Post Rock District Agents can facilitate this experience to a variety of audiences such as professionals serving aging audiences and youth engaged in intergenerational experiences.

Keys to Embracing Aging

This interactive program highlights 12 keys aimed at helping you to grow old gracefully, successfully, and with increased longevity. Here are the informative publications about each key:

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Positive Attitude

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Eating Smart

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Physical Activity

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Brain Activity

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Social Activity

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Tuning Into the Times

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Practice Being Safe

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Know Your Health Numbers

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Stress Management

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Financial Affairs

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Sleep

· Keys to Embracing Aging—Taking Time for You


SHICK Counseling

K-State Research and Extension partners with the Department of Aging and Disability Services to provide free, confidential, unbiased assistance to Medicare beneficiaries and their families. The Post Rock District provides a wealth of health insurance resources that can assist you throughout the decision-making process. Our Family Resource Management Agent is a trained Medicare SHICK Counselor (Senior Health Insurance Counseling for Kansas). If you need help with Medicare issues, or other health insurance subjects please contact us.

Simple Home Modification for Aging in Place

This publication discusses how home modification can allow individuals to remain in the home longer, saving them money, making their living environment safer, and giving them more independence. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy: (link bolded text to http://www.postrock.k-state.edu/health-nutrition/other-programs/) This evidence based eight-week exercise program for older adults meets the recommendation for healthy muscle strength. The program’s goal is to improve health and quality of life. Over the eight weeks, participants learn the exercises and begin to improve strength and balance. The Post Rock District offers the program, watch for upcoming classes in your county!

Service and Support Agencies

Adult Development and Aging Extension

K-State Research and Extension Adult Development and Aging programming enriches the health and wellness of aging Kansans through research-based education. Our current community education endeavors seek to educate Kansans on managing the challenges commonly associated with aging, preparing for your future healthcare, recognizing the signs of Alzheimer's disease, and more. Explore aging related KSRE programs and publications or ask an expert. You can also contact your local Post Rock District Extension Office.

Area Agency on Aging: Your Area Agency on Aging is focused on enhancing the quality and dignity of life for older Kansans and their families. Whether it is information on available options, in-home services, nutrition services or insurance counseling, a senior only needs to make a call to the local Area Agency on Aging office to connect with the resources needed to help them remain independent in their homes and communities.

· North Central-Flint Hills Area Agency on Aging

 Serves Jewell, Lincoln, and Mitchell Counties. Offices are located in Manhattan, Salina and Emporia.

· Northwest Kansas Area Agency on Aging

 Serves Osborne and Smith Counties. The office is located in Hays.

Center on Aging

The K-State University Center on Aging serves to disseminate knowledge about aging issues in various ways including promoting the understanding of aging issues among all Kansans, fostering collaboration between the university and community as well as professional organizations serving older Kansans, and lastly serving as a focal point for agencies and citizens concerned with the well-being of older Kansans.

Department for Aging and Disability Services

The Kansas Commission on Aging administers a variety of community-based programs for the aging population which include but are not limited to: the Aging and Disability Resource Center, Medicare Programs, In-Home Services, and Disaster Preparedness for Aging and Disabled Kansans.

· Aging and Disability Resource Center

The Aging and Disability Resource Center is a trusted source of information where people of all ages, abilities and income levels - and their caregivers - can go to obtain assistance in planning for their future long-term service and support needs.