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Sandra's Newspaper Column

Sandra Wick K-State Research and Extension Crop Production Agent
Sandra Wick
Post Rock Extension District
Crop Production Agent


Current Issue


Wheat Drilling

Is it Safe to Apply Nitrogen in the Fall to Fields to be Planted Next Spring?

Traditionally, producers should wait until soil temperatures are less than 50 degrees F at a depth of 4 inches before applying ammonia in the fall or early winter.


Sampling for the Soybean Cyst Nematode is Important

Now that our soybean crop is harvested, it is a good time to evaluate your fields to determine if any diseases or insects might have affected your yield.


What are the Guidelines to Follow When Planting Wheat a Little Later?

The most important guideline is to increase the seeding rate. With the limited time for tillering in the fall, the wheat plant relies more on the primary tillers.

Wheat Drilling

What Are The Risks of Planting Wheat Early?

Producers will soon be or are drilling their 2024 wheat crop and it is always interesting to watch when drilling begins in north central Kansas.

Volunteer Wheat

Controlling volunteer wheat important NOW!

There is still time to control or kill the volunteer wheat BEFORE you attempt to plant your 2024 wheat crop.