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Post Rock District

Building Strong Families

The Building Strong Families educational resource is available for our local school districts and educational environments to distribute to students and families. The resource is a tool to help community members of all ages meet health and wellness goals. Please contact a Post Rock District Office if you would like to discuss distributing this monthly resource in your educational environment. 




March Building Strong Families

Quench Thirst with Water 

Water is the drink of choice for maintaining a healthy body and should be our main fluid source. The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource provides your family tips to make drinking water convenient and easy.



Whats for Breakfast

What's For Breakfast?

Do you often skip breakfast due to a lack of time or simply because you don't enjoy traditional breakfast foods?  Fueling your body with a nutritious breakfast can improve your mental and physical performance, decrease your chances of overeating throughout the day, and help meet daily nutritional needs.  The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource will share tips to make breakfast quick and easy for families on the go. 



5 Rules For Constructive Conflict

Conflict is natural. Everyone experiences it in their relationships and daily lives. The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource will help you learn ways to manage these conflicts and negative feelings so that these situations don't get worse.




lets celebrate

Let's Celebrate!

We definitely should celebrate our special occasions with friends and family, but let’s rethink how we choose to celebrate.



The New Look of Nicotine Addiction

While cigarette smoking among youth has declined, the use of E-Cigarettes has increased. Using an E-Cigarette is often called "vaping" or "Juuling." The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families publication will help you have an open dialogue with youth about the life-altering dangers of vaping.


my plate

Remember MyPlate When Packing Your Child's Lunch

The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource gives parents tips on incorporating MyPlate recommendations while planning meals to enhance nutrition.  This resource also encourages families to get active together by offering motivating tips for increasing the variety of activities to participate in. 


 Time a special resource

Time: A Special Resource

Time is a special resource. We all invest time, waste time, and use time. The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource will help you think carefully about your use of time, and explore how you manage yourself with regard to time in order to reach your goals.


Business with Babysitter


Business with the Babysitter

Whether your babysitter is a teenager new to the business or an experienced adult, it is important to leave your care provider with the information necessary to respond to an emergency, meet each child’s unique needs, and maintain your family’s schedule. Checkout the Post Rock District's latest Building Strong Families publication with information to improve your babysitter's readiness to care for your kids, explore qualities of strong families, and find some tips to help individuals break unhealthy habits.



Cutting Food Waste

Shop your refrigerator first! Cook or eat what you already have at home before buying more.


Nora Rhoades
District Extension Director
and Youth Development Agent

Post Rock District
113 N. 1st Street 
Osborne, KS 67473
(785) 346-2521
Email: nrhoades@ksu.edu


Ashley Svaty
Extension Agent
Nutrition, Food Safety 
and Health 

Post Rock District - Lincoln Office
P.O. Box 8 
Lincoln, KS. 67455
(785) 524-4432
Email: asvaty@ksu.edu
Twitter: @PRDhealth