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Post Rock District

Communication and Wellness

Nora ReadingEffective communication, respect for differences, making sound decisions and managing life challenges are all pivotal in the development and support of youth, families and partnerships.

If you are looking for a specific resource or would like discuss a situation unique to you, please contact our team.


Responding to Cues for Healthy Relationships: Something as simple as the way we respond to others during a conversation shapes a healthy or harmful relationship. This video simulates three different ways we can choose to respond to a communication cue.


Healthy Communication Patterns: Being mindful of your own communication patterns can help you improve relationships. This video discusses key ways to nurture and maintain healthy communication.

Family Talk – Making it Work: Communication is more than what you say and do. Your messages depend on how you think the other person will react, so you may communicate differently with each member of the family.

Family Meetings: Are you and your family facing a difficult decision? Family meetings can be intimidating. They can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. This video provides an action plan that encourages positive communication.

Conflict Management

Wise Words on Conflict: Conflict can be both helpful and hurtful to relationships, and it can impact goal achievement. Think about how you work through discrepancies, differences, variances, and clashes where you live, work, play, and volunteer. Positive communication strategies and healthy conflict management approaches can ensure conflict is a helpful tool in your life.

conflict resolution

Disasters and Recovery

Disasters: Children's Responses and Helping Them Recover: Children often experience disasters differently than adults and they need to have developmentally appropriate explanations of them. (Desastres: Las Respuestas de los Niños y Ayudándoles a Recuperarse)

Coping with Tragedy in a Digital WorldTake the essential steps to prepare yourself and those around you for the difficult times in life's journey. Consider how digital platforms impact your coping strategies.


Emergency Preparedness Resources: An emergency or disaster can strike at any moment and will likely affect every family at some point. The best way to work through difficult situations and circumstances is to be prepared before a concern presents itself.

Stress Management

Recognizing Stress Where You Live, Work and Play: Stress is the body’s response to experiences and events impacting you. Discover strategies to recognize stress in your life. Evaluate healthy strategies to manage and respond.


Keys to Embracing Aging – Stress Management: The way you interpret stress is unique and personal. Good stress can be healthy and useful. Yet, when stress becomes overwhelming, it becomes distress, or bad stress.

Making Time for Your Community – Stress ManagementIf you try to manage work, family, and community responsibilities, you know the meaning of stress. Learning about stress, its impact on your body, and how to deal with its effects can help you manage all your responsibilities.