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Building Strong Families

The Building Strong Families educational resource is available for our local school districts and educational environments to distribute to students and families. The resource is a tool to help community members of all ages meet health and wellness goals. Please contact a Post Rock District Office if you would like to discuss distributing this monthly resource in your educational environment.


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Teaching Children Money Management

Teaching kids about money management can be included in day to day activities and errands. Kids can earn money by doing small jobs for their family or neighbors. They can save the money earned for something they are wanting to purchase or open a savings account at the bank.

Yummie Veggies

Spring in finally here! Many of us are anxious to get into the garden and spend more time outdoors. Gardening is a great hobby for your mental and physical health. It gets your body moving and supplies you with colorful, nutritious veggies. These tips should help you have success in the garden this year. We also included some fun activities for the whole family. Enjoy the sunshine!


Did you know that you are a part of Agriculture? Agriculture is a critical part of Kansas’ past, and it is a key economic driver in our present, but it also holds great potential for our future. Today, Kansas is a leader in wheat, grain sorghum and beef production. Farmers and ranchers across the state are responding to demand from consumers to raise healthy, wholesome food and are also continuously striving to do better, raising more food using fewer resources.

February Building Strong Families

The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource provides 7 simple steps to live better and take care of your heart. This resource also discusses how added sugar impacts heart health and offers tips to reduce added sugar consumption.

Practice Breathing



Wellness and Connection: Add some spark to your long-distance connections and focus on wellness strategies to support you during life's big and little moments. Find helpful tips in the Post Rock District's latest Building Strong Families resource.




Winter Car Kit

Focus on Home and Car as the Weather Turns Cold: Put together an emergency vehicle kit for winter travels and spend some time with family enjoying the colder temperatures. The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource will help you prepare your home and vehicle for the cold months ahead. 


Take A Screen Break: Limit screen time and stay active with your family! The Post Rock Extension District's latest Building Strong Families resource will help you plan and set boundaries related to screen usage to allow for more quality, active time with your family!

Active Reading

Active Reading with Kids: Read Together and Build Relationships! The most important aspect of the reading process is to remember to read with your child, as opposed to reading to your child. The Post Rock Extension District's latest  Building Strong Families resource will help identify active reading strategies to support literacy development, enhance discussion, and make reading time a wonderful shared experience!


Nora Rhoades
District Extension Director
and Youth Development Agent

Post Rock District
113 N. 1st Street 
Osborne, KS 67473
(785) 346-2521
Email: nrhoades@ksu.edu


Ashley Svaty
Extension Agent
Nutrition, Food Safety 
and Health 

Post Rock District - Lincoln Office
P.O. Box 8 
Lincoln, KS. 67455
(785) 524-4432
Email: asvaty@ksu.edu
Twitter: @PRDhealth