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Walk Kansas March 17th-May 11th 2019 


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Walk Kansas is an 8-week team-based program focused on improving overall health. Groups of six form a team, with one serving as the captain. Teams can be family, coworkers, friends, community organization members, neighbors, or part of a faith-based community. Team members do not have to live in the same town, county, state or country.

During the 8 weeks, teams will log and report minutes of physical activity and the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed. This can be one of the most important tools for making lifestyle changes. Recording progress keeps you focused on your goals. Walk Kansas participants tell us that reporting each week is a powerful motivator because they know their team is depending on each person do their part. 

A variety of activities count toward Walk Kansas goals. Anything you do for 10 consecutive minutes or more, at a moderate or vigorous intensity, can count. Strengthening exercises also count and these activities are part of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

Healthy eating, including beverage choices, also plays a key role in reducing your risk of chronic disease. During Walk Kansas, you will also keep track of fruits and vegetables you eat. How much is enough? For most adults, the recommendation is approximately 1 ½ cups of fruit and 2 ½ cups of vegetables daily. The amount varies depending on your age, sex and level of physical activity.

Each participant will receive a weekly e-newsletter with healthful lifestyle information and a recipe. Classes, programs and events that support Walk Kansas goals will also be available in your community.


For more information about Walk Kansas visit http://www.walkkansas.org/ 


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