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Resource Management 

K-State Research Extension seeks to provide educational services and tools focused on the decision-making processes associated with maintaining overall wellness. We strive to assist individuals and families with obtaining and utilizing resources of time, money, and human capital.

For more information about scheduling an educational program or to access resources please contact your local K-State Research and Extension Office.

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

“Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Stay True To Your Priorities

In the business world, the 80/20 rule explains that 20% of efforts result in 80% of total output. When applying the rule to one’s personal life it means that 80% of values, memories, and accomplishments are gained from only 20% of activities. Yes, that means you could be wasting 80% of your resources (time, money, human capital, etc…) on things you don’t even recognize to be important!

So, what is hogging your resources and producing minimal reward… unplanned trips to the grocery store? electronics? fear of failure or success? lack of interest? procrastination? guilt? poor sleep habits? people pleasing? wishful thinking? over-commitment? miscommunication? outdated knowledge?

If you are a victim of the 80/20 rule, focus on improving your resource management habits. Outline what you want to do, what you ought to do, and what you must do. Then, determine what you can eliminate, modify, substitute, combine, or exchange. Remember, effective resource management is not a result of prioritizing your schedule and plans. Rather, it is gained by using a schedule and plan to stay true to your priorities!

To add confidence to your resource management decisions answer the question ‘Why?’ as you analyze your day. You may discover some tasks that align with your values, intrests, and needs are getting covered by rubbish. Recognizing why gives you permission to make a change for the better. Take back control of your resources.