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Post Rock District

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Osborne Office
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Crop Talk Webinar Series

Please Complete The Evaluation After Each Recording

Soil Fertility Questions from Growers for the 2021 Season
Feb 2: Northwest KS Focus
Recording      Evaluation
Handout - Soil Fertility for NW Kansas (Diaz)
Feb 3: North Central KS Focus
Recording      Evaluation
Handout - Soil Fertility (Diaz)
Weed Management and that Pesky Palmer Amaranth
Feb 9: Northwest KS Focus
Recording       Evaluation
Handout - Overlapping Residuals (Lancaster)
Handout - Research Update (Kumar)
Feb 10: North Central KS Focus
Recording       Evaluation
Handout - Weed Control for North Central KS (Vipan)
Handout - Layered Residual Herbicides (Lancaster)
Feb 16: Corn Insect Resistance: Rootworm and Western Bean Cutworm
Recording       Evaluation
Handout - Corn Insect Resistance (Petersen)
Feb 23: Grain Sorghum Weed Control: Start Clean, Stay Clean
Recording       Evaluation
Handout - Grain Sorghum Weed Control (Lancaster)
Feb 24: Sorghum Insects: Aphids, Headworms and
Chinch Bugs... Oh My!
 Recording       Evaluation
March 2: Alfalfa Management and Weevil Update
 Recording       Evaluation
Handout - Alfalfa Management: Insect and Diseases (Lollato)
Handout -  Alfalfa Weevil Pyrethroid Resistance (Zukoff)
Crop Talk Dryland Corn Dynamics (Haag)


Grain Market Outlook and Strategies Webinar Series

Grain Market Outlook
Handout- Weekly Grain Market Review (O'Brien)