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Post Rock District

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Farm Bill Information

Producers are busy making Farm Bill program selections especially with the deadline of March 15, 2020 soon approaching.  K-State Research and Extension has several tools available to help with that task.  

One resource is the KSU Ag Economics Marketing Year Average (MYA) prediction newsletter with information on each commodity that provides the percentage of grain that has been marketed and the predicted MYA prices.  This is published monthly and posted for your use.

Another resource is a simple chart or spreadsheet comparing projected payments in the PLC or ARC-CO programs depending on the commodity.  The EXCEL spreadsheet is a free-downloadable resource that will provide for you the projected payments.  You simply change or select the information in the yellow highlighted boxes.

KSU also has a Frequently Asked Questions publication on the 2018 Farm Bill that is also available for you. 

Give me a call if you have questions.