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COVID Resources

Continuity of Operations

Post Rock District programs, meetings, events, and activities will be conducted in an appropriate in-person, distance or virtual learning format. Health and safety precautions will be defined on a case-by-case basis with risk management planning taking into consideration guidelines and recommendations from trusted sources. Post Rock District reserves the right to have health and safety expectations more restrictive than the county/community where the program is taking place, but a program cannot be planned to be less restrictive than KSRE, State of Kansas, local county/community, and industry specific requirements.

If a county, regional, or state health risk arises resulting in a change in restrictions and guidelines, the Post Rock District Team will determine how to move forward. The Post Rock District reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event or activity, rescheduling experiences as appropriate when safety precautions and alternative delivery strategies can be planned and executed.

Post Rock District offices in Beloit, Lincoln, Mankato, Osborne, and Smith Center are open for business during standard hours Monday through Friday. Curbside, phone, email, and virtual appointments are available to access our services if health and safety expectations cannot be met. Post Rock District health and safety expectations at our offices include:

  • schedule appointments and visits to the office in advance when possible.
  • physical distance between people (6+ feet).
  • wear a face covering over nose and mouth.
  • practice good hygiene (wash hands, cover cough, etc.).
  • utilize alternative appointment offerings if experiencing any illness symptoms.

We continue to use phone, email, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep you informed. Contact a local extension office to access the Post Rock District Team.

COVID-19 Continuity of Operations Letter from the Post Rock District Director 

K-State COVID-19 Updates

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Spring 2021 Magazine Cover

We help you solve problems, make sound decisions and improve quality of life! Local stories and educational resources are available in our Post Rock Magazine.

Post Rock District Spring 2021 Magazine


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Statewide Resources

Statewide Resources: K-State Research and Extension specialists are subject matter experts in numerous aspects of life that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide unbiased, fact-based help in these subjects free of charge for the benefit of everyone in Kansas and the rest of the world.