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Post Rock District

4-H Quiz Bowl Objective

4-H Quiz Bowls provide an opportunity to learn more about the 4-H organization. While a 4-H Quiz Bowl is semi-competitive, the experience is designed to be a fun, educational opportunity for 4-H membersParticipants are asked questions about 4-H history, projects, opportunities, and more. 
Clubs may have a quiz bowl experience to add fun and learning to a monthly meeting. Project focus quiz bowls help members increase project-specific knowledge. The Post Rock District organizes a district-wide 4-H Quiz Bowl each year to bring members together across our five counties and test your 4-H knowledge! 
If you are looking to develop a quiz bowl experience for your club or project group, or if you would like to identify opportunities to participate in, please contact your local Post Rock District Office! We’re happy to help!

Post Rock District 4-H Quiz Bowl 

Quiz Bowl

Post Rock District 4-H Quiz Bowl
Saturday, January 2, 2021
9:00AM – NOON

Interested youth will participate as individuals, no team competitionthis year. Post Rock District 4-H members must be actively enrolled in 4-H Online to be eligible to participate.No Cloverbud participation. Online registration has ended. To inquire about late registration availability, email Nora Rhoades at nrhoades@ksu.edu.

Important Event Details: Registered participants have been emailed important information regarding the upcoming 4-H Quiz Bowl. To make sure you are ready for the event, please review the information in the "2021 Post Rock District 4-H Quiz Bowl Memo" which was sent to your email. Reach out if you have any questions.


Quiz Bowl Study Resources 

Quiz bowl questions could come from anything that is listed on any of these websites. Use the resources to study and learn about 4-H!