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Post Rock District


Important Post Rock District May 1st 2018 Deadlines

Kansas 4-H Website

Volunteer Screening Resources

Kansas 4-H Project Selection Guide

Instructions to Enroll Online 

Instructions to Re-enroll Online

Post Rock District 4-H Deadlines

Welcome to 4-H: A New Family's Guide

4-H Participation Form

Kansas State Fair - 4-H Exhibits

Mitchell Co. 4-H Club Brochure 

4-H Trip Applications

Lincoln County Citizenship Washington Focus Trip Application

Mitchell County Citizenship Washington Focus Trip Application

Lincoln County 4-H Booster Scholarship

4-H Camp Information

Rock Springs Map

Jewell County Camper Guide

Osborne County Camper Guide

Camp Counselor Manual

Code of Conduct


Aliesa Woods
District Extension Director
4-H Program Coordinator
Lincoln Office
Phone: (785) 524-4432

Daphne Manning
4-H Program Coordinator
Mankato Office
Phone: (785) 378-3174

Risa Overmiller
4-H Program Coordinator
Smith Center Office
Phone: (785) 282-6823

Kim Naber
4-H Program Coordinator
Osborne Office
Phone: (785) 346-2521